Buck Zipper Hunting Knife Review

There are not really many gut hook knives out there that can do the job well, but the Buck Zipper is the exception to this rule. Designed in 1993 by a fourth generation Buck, this knife was made to feel the hole in the market left by their competitors which Zipper definitely filled. This is one of my favorite gut hooker knives out there and works exceptionally well. This knife is absolutely perfect for field dressing, gutting, and skinning and is one that I would definitely recommend you take out on every hunt with you. You will find yourself performing field dressing tasks at nearly double the speed you previously were with this glorious knife.Buck Zipper Black Handle


  • This great hunting fixed blade knife is used for the outdoors
  • This is a product of the company buck
  • The item dimensions are length (in) 11.25 width (in) 2.75 height (in) 2.25
  • 4-1/8″420HC Drop Point Blade with Guthook
  • 8-1/2″ Overall Length, 6.3 oz.
  • Heritage Walnut Dymondwood Handle with Polished Brass Butt / Guard
  • Includes Genuine Leather Sheath
  • Buck Forever Warranty, and Made in the USA

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The Iconic Buck 119 Review

If you have searched around for a few hunting knives, chances are that you have come across the Buck 119. This is a legendary blade that has been used by many for years and has been one of Bucks top sellers for around the lazy 47 years! You really couldn’t ask yourself for a better hunting knife for the price and is one that I will always recommend to someone who is looking for a top quality blade.

The blade on the Buck 119 Special is 6 inches long making it the ideal length to carry on your side, whilst still being long enough to perform common hunting tasks. Furthermore, as this blade is made from the highest of quality steel (420HC stainless steel) it is going to be able to perform consistently well in all weather conditions be it snow, rain, or sunshine without ever breaking or cracking. The edge on this blade can be sharpened so sharp that you can literally shave with it (I actually tested this) and will maintain an edge for some time.

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Buck 301 Stockman Folding Pocket Knife Review

Buck 301 Stockman Folding Pocket Knife has been able to create a niche of its own being the only folding knife that is bigger compared to other knives. The Buck 301 folding knife has a class of its own with its beautifully crafted design and 3 stainless steel blades that are foldable. The knife also features a clip point of 3 inches along with a black ergonomic plastic handle with an inscribed Buck Bolt classic logo. The knife has three Stainless Steel blades – sheep’ foot, clip and Spey. This is one of the best-selling and popular foldable pocket knives that are available in the market today.

Buck 301 StockmanBuck 301 Stockman Folding Pocket Knife is ideally suited for military personnel when they are in the field. The three foldable blades are ideal for multiple tasks and serve these men well. People who wander out in the woods can find this knife extremely useful for meeting their various requirements, for instance, they can use its ultra-sharp razor blade for shaving. Moreover, the knife is also ideal for camping purposes as users can easily slice and dice things with precision and it can act as a tool for cooking too. The Spey blade present in this knife has been named after Scotland’s Spey River and it is extremely popular among people who are crazy about fishing.

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Buck Knives 110 Folding Hunter Review

Gorgeous and reliable, find out what makes the Folding Hunter one of the best Buck Knives models in the market

The Buck Knives 110 Folding Hunter is a classic folding knife with a nail-notch longback design. It may look like a threatening piece of metal but it is one of the safest Buck Knives models in the market. Buck knives are renowned for their quality, there is no denying that and the Buck 110 is one of the reasons for this. This beautiful knife not only looks sensational but also feels great in your hand and works like a treat. This knife has been around for years with some even claiming to still be using their’s a solid 35 years after they got it. That is one of the features that makes this so great – the fact that it is a reliable and long lasting knife. This is a great hunters knife that is perfect for skinning and field dressing because it can easily clip onto your belt.

You will see this knife with many different names for the same knife such as Buck 110 hunter, Custom Buck 110, Buck 110 Switchblade, Buck Hunter 110, Buck 110 Folding Hunter, and many others all for the same style knife.

The Features

The Buck 110 folding hunter is one of the most well-known knives in history. When you see the Buck 110 folder it brings back memories of when you were a child and received your first hunting knife. It has that wood inlay handles, those nice gold shiny end caps and that locking tab on the back end.

The knife features a 3 – 3/4 inch stainless steel blade, so it is a good length and not too long. The blade is razor sharp and will keep and edge for a while which is why many people cut themselves when they first get their Buck 110.  The blade is two handed opener unlike a lot of the modern one handers out there, but that really isn’t too much of an issue as you will quickly get used to the amount of pressure needed to open it. One benefit this older style has over the new one handers is that if dirt or dust gets in their springs, they can break or become extremely difficult to open, whereas the Buck 110 folding will keep working day in day out.

One of the main attractions to the blade is the natural wood grain handle. This looks absolutely beautiful and is a real piece of art, not to mention the brass bolsters! The knife comes with a black leather sheath and the Buck unconditional lifetime warranty (not that you will need it).

  • Buck-110-Folding-Hunter-hand-previewThis is a folding longback knife
  • With a 3 ¾ “clip blade and measures 4 7/8” closed. Weighs 7.2oz
  • With a natural wood grain handle (Macassar Ebony Dymondwood) and polished brass bolsters
  • With a classic nail notch design
  • Comes with a black leather sheath
  • Comes with an unconditional lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA

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