How to Keep Your Bike From Being Stolen

Stolen BikeBikes are easy to resell, hard to identify and they are their own getaway vehicle, so it is not hard to see why an immense amount of bikes are stolen each year. It is hard to get a firm number but it is estimated somewhere between 750k and 2 million bikes are stolen in the United States alone.

With some very simple steps, you can help make sure your bike is not stolen and if so make sure you are part of the 5% of people that end up getting their bike back.

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Everything You Need to Know to Get Into Biking as an Adult

This post is for those of us who rode bikes as a kid, life got in the way and now as an adult are looking at getting back into it. Several years ago I bought my first “real” bike and this post pretty much sums up the research I did and the experience I had. It has now been several years and I own a couple bikes for various reasons, so hopefully this helps you in what choices you have and the options out there.

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