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Zaltana Pop Up Tent





  • Pop Up itself in a second
  • 2 Layer construction (fly sheet and the inner tent)
  • The inner tent is completed covered by the rain fly.
  • Fold down to a 30" diameter dish
  • Weight: 5Lb

This Zaltana tent review focuses on the Zaltana Pop up tent. It is one of the best tents for family camping and hiking trips that you can buy. The Zaltana pop up tent is designed to have a dual layer construction. In terms of design, this tent is constructed to be a large blue disk when it is not in use. The disk is equipped with two handles that you use for carrying it with your hands. In case you are hiking for long distances, the manufacturers Zaltana have also provided you with two straps. This enables you to sling it over your back and carry it. This is not particularly difficult since the tent is very light and only weighs a measly five pounds. The disk has a diameter of thirty inches which makes it quite easy to fit into the trunk of your car. It is designed to take up as little space as possible when in use so you will not need a lot of space when carrying it. It also comes with some metal stakes and rings that you will use when setting it up.

Zaltana Pop Up Tent Opened

The material that has been used to make this tent is very durable material. It is designed to withstand heavy usage without it suffering any damage to itself. In terms of the material, it is composed of the outer fly sheet and the inner tent. This makes it one of the strongest tents available in the market. The inner tent is completely covered by the outer fly sheet. This means that the person inside the tent is completely covered and protected from the elements. This provides a very important advantage in that you can use it under any weather conditions. The interior of the tent is just as well constructed as the interior.

The blue outer shell completely covers the inner tent which is a mesh material. This is designed to ensure that the tent provides those inside with an adequate level of ventilation. It will also ensure that the temperatures inside the tent are regulated. The floor of the Zaltana pop up tent is made of black nylon. The material of the flooring is quite durable and strong. It is designed to be even stronger than the outer shell because it will come into direct contact with the ground where it is placed. On the inside of the tent, the manufacturers have placed little pouches that can be used to hold small items. Other than the entrance, there is also a rear vent window for ventilation purposes. Like all high quality tents, it has a dual set of zippers at the entrance and is covered by yellow nylon at the outer zipper. This ensures that the tent works quite well.

Setting up and taking down the tent is easy once you get the hang of it. Luckily, for those who aren’t quite adroit at this, there are videos on YouTube and other websites that show you how to handle a pop up tent properly.Once you have seen someone do it, you will be able to handle it by yourself.

As you can see from this Zaltana tent review, it is well worth the price and will be a useful tool for not just camping but also for disaster preparation if need be.


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