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Best Coleman Instant Tent For Family Camping: Buying Guide

Coleman Sundome 6 Person Tent OutdoorsCar camping with family or friends is a summer pastime for many of us. Are you in need of an ideal tent for family car campers? Do you, or does anyone you know, have a Coleman Instant Tent? This will meet all your needs for a family camping tent!!

If you love camping, then you are probably very particular about your camping tent as well. If you are looking for a high-quality tent to hold family or friends, you will find a fine selection from Coleman, a leader in outdoor equipment for lovers of nature. The company has been in business producing top-quality tents and additional camping necessities for over a 100 years.

Coleman tents were designed for the outdoors. Campers enjoy the security of durable construction, protective features, and solid structural design that you rely on for safe and pleasant accommodations for your camping needs. Below you will find four tents known for their superior quality so synonymous with Coleman products.

The Four Best Coleman Family Tents

To start off, we present to you the 4 Best Coleman Camping Tent which comprise the top four most highly-rated and well-loved models available today. Check out our Coleman tents reviews and see if any of them fit into your lifestyle and daily routine.

Top 4 Coleman Tents Comparison

We have made a comparable chart of four Coleman Camping Tents come from the house of best manufacturers with the opinions of their users. These are:

Product Image
Tent Capacity 6 Person 8 Person 8 Person 8 Person
Room 1 Room 2 Rooms Allow 3 Separate Rooms 1 Room
Footprint 10′ x 9′ 14′ x 10′ 17′ x 10′ 16′ x 7′
Center Height 5′ 11″ 6′ 5″ 72-inch center height 74-Inch
Doors 1 2 1 D-Door 1 D-Door
Inner Tent Polyster Taffeta 150D
Polyester Mesh 68D
Polyster Taffeta 150D
Polyester Mesh 68D
Polyester Mesh 68D Polyester Mesh 68D
Floor Polythylene 1000D Polythylene 1000D Polythylene 1000D Polythylene 1000D
Poles 16-mm and 20-mm steel 16-mm, 20-mm and 22-mm steel Doesn’t specify–probably fiberglass 11-millimeter fiberglass poles
Rainfly Rainfly for Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent Coming Soon Comes with Tent
Do not need additional
Comes with Tent
Do not need additional
Flysheet Material Polyster Taffeta 150D Polyster Taffeta 150D Polyster Taffeta 75D Polyster Taffeta 75D
Shipping Weight 25.4 pounds 28.8 pounds 25 pounds 27.3 pounds
Price $$$ $$$$ $ $$
Our Review Read Our Review Read Our Review Read Our Review Read Our Review

Top 4 Rated Best Coleman Instant Tents Reviews

1. Coleman Instant Tent 6 Person (4.4/5) 

The Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent receives rave reviews all around. It’s a great buy because it gives the best “bang for your buck.” It’s extremely comfy, has fantastic ventilation for scorching summer days and nights, and permits campers to huddle-up in case of a storm to stay warm and dry. This Coleman tent makes setting up a tent ridiculously easy. There’s no need to be anxious about finding the proper grommet for the right pole. Everything is made convenient because it’s already affixed, and there’s no need to be concerned about a rainfly because the fabric is completely waterproof.

This Coleman Instant Tent is very easy to pack-up, and the shape can easily fit inside any car trunk. Because the poles are already attached, all the camper needs to do is roll the tent up and squeeze it into the bag. Within a few minutes, the Instant Tent 6 Person is all packed-up!

Features Include:


This inexpensive, lightweight Coleman Instant Tent 6 Person does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Accommodating six people is a comfortable enough sized tent and has all the basics to make a camping trip enjoyable.

2. Coleman 14×10 Foot 8-Person Instant Tent (4.2/5) 

Outdoor living takes on a new meaning with the Coleman 14×10 Ft 8-Person Instant Tent. This tent is great for numerous outdoor get-togethers, especially camping fun and other types of outings. Coleman’s reputation is second-to-none, and they haven’t shirked on quality or design with this huge tent.

Anyone who regularly goes camping or participate in outdoor activities requiring outside living with family and friends should purchase the Coleman 14×10 Foot Tent. It’s supremely comfortable making it a cinch to remain indoors like being inside a real home. Moreover, this type of tent comes in very handy where outdoor environments are inhospitable, such as camping close to mountain peaks. At least with the Coleman 14×10 Foot Tent, you won’t compromise your health and safety in adverse conditions.

As with the other Coleman tents, the 14×10 Foot Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent is manufactured with WeatherTec technology to withstand sever weather. This technology basically consists of veneered polyester together with webbing and zippers, making the tent resistant to heavy rain. There are also powerful pole-seams and a waterproof foundation, which makes the tent flood resistant as well. Brawny anchors make the tent resistant to winds as powerful as hurricanes.

Features Include:


Seeing that one of the best features of the Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent is because it is quick to setup and exceedingly strong, it’s just great to have one around whether a person is an outdoors enthusiasts or not. It’s somewhat of a “safe house” of sorts. This tent protects from harsh weather, houses eight people, spacious, and there’s room to stand too! With that, campers have more time to enjoy the outdoors and less fuss about getting their tent setup.

3. Coleman Red Canyon 8-Person Modified-Dome Tent (4.1/5) 

If your dream is take your entire family out camping, but you’ve never been able to find the ideal tent, then your search may be over The Coleman Red-Canyon 17-ft by 10-ft 8-Person Modified-Dome Tent is perfect lodging for family outings. Constructed from rugged, quality material, with supreme comfort and shelter to match in wet or wild outdoor situations, the Coleman Red Canyon 8-Person Tent is a well ventilated, spacious, and easy to install. This is the type of tent that makes outdoor excursions so pleasurable

Features Include:


The Coleman Red Canyon Modified-Done Tent is an appealing, spacious, well-constructed tent, perfect for the whole family. It’s appropriately designed to fit at least up to 8 family members comfortably. The Weathertec technology is ideal for outside and unfavorable weather conditions. The Variflow system maintains a nice temperature allowing adequate ventilation and air. This tent is what outside camping adventures are all about.

4. Coleman Montana 8-Tent (4.2/5) 

The Coleman Montana 8 Tent has a center area height of 6-feet 2-inches, giving lots of space for standing up and moving around. This is an attention-grabbing feature because most tents do not offer such a large space. In addition, Coleman’s WeatherTech technology maintains an average inside temperature that keeps things cozy inside just like at home. In other words, at nighttime, there’s no need to be concerned about a drop in the outside temperature that turns the inside freezing, uncomfortable, and clammy.

Besides these great features, another benefit of the Coleman Montanan is the airflow equipped with the design. Stuffiness or a lack of fresh air will never be an issue due to the uniquely designed ventilation paths that allows fresh air to continue to circulate. Consequently, the night air is comfortably maintained.
The Montana 8 Tent also offers an electrical access-port that can be used for electrical gadgets by running a cable from inside to an outside plug. After the tent is propped up, there are a number of pins and rings affixed to the tent that can be used to secure it firmly to withstand powerful winds.

Features Include:


The Coleman Montana 8 Tent is a well-constructed family tent with plenty of fantastic features like windows for ventilation, a cool air-port, and a small veranda that allows for sitting outside out of the sun and rain. The electric access port is a handy feature too. The waterproofing is superb, so there will be no problem with leaking water if the rainfly is applied. Though the Coleman Montana 8 has no removable walls to divide the inside into multiple rooms, it’s a solid, fine family tent. In addition, the color and aesthetics are lovely!

How to Choose the Best Tent for Your Camping Needs

Camping should be fun; however, selecting the right ticket is conducive to having a fun and safe time during a camp outing. Whether the campground itself is the main reason for an outing or it’s simply a base-camp for close by activities, knowing what to look for when choosing a tent will make being away from home feel like home. This short guide will help campers to select the best Coleman tent to suit their camping needs.

1. Size

Tents usually sleep from 4 to 6 people. The recommended number of sleepers is always noted on Coleman tents and should be not exceed the capacity. Select a Coleman tent model that suits your group’s size. Select a tent size based on your group’s size and whether you may require extra room for friends, pets, or gear.

2. Tent Shape

Cabins designed tents are upright designs and provide the easiest in and out access. Their near-upright walls maximize movable space, and some tent models are equipped with family conveniences like room separators and an awning or vestibule-door.

Dome designed tents are similar to backpacking domes and provide superb power and wind-shedding capabilities, both will come in handy on a stormy night. They are perpendicular in the middle; however, their walls are more sloped which slightly decreases living space.

3. Main Tent Features To Consider

Tent doors: Thinks about the number of doors you will need along with their shape and direction. If you are camping with family, multiple doors will be a huge convenience to prevent bumping into each other, especially during nighttime bathroom breaks. Cabin designed tends are usually best in this area. Be sure to check the noise level of the doors as you zip them open and shut.

Tent poles: The pole structure of a tent will help decide how easy or difficult it will be to pitch. The fewer poles your tent has, the faster your setup. Moreover, it is also easier to fasten poles to clips than threading them through long-pole sleeves. Most tents utilize both clips and short-pole sleeves for steadiness, ventilation, and to make setup easier. Color marked corners and pole-clips will help with faster setup as well. Aluminum poles are sturdier and more hard-wearing than fiberglass.
Tent fabrics: Higher-denier material canopies and rain flies are stronger than lower ones.

Tent headroom: If standing up inside your tent is important to you, especially when changing clothes, stretch, or enjoy the spaciousness of a high-ceiling, then select a tent like the Coleman Red Canyon 8-Person Modified Dome Tent with a 72inch clearing or the Coleman 14×10 Ft 8-Person Instant Tent. However, cabin tents are usually taller than dome tents.

Tent floor: Seam-tape and high denier-fabrics decrease the chances of leakage.

Entrance/garage: This awning or shelter fastens to a tent as a place to store dusty or muddy footwear or to keep your backpacks from getting wet. It can be wither a build-in part of the rainfly or a detached addition sold separately.

Rainfly: Rainflies are a separate water-resistant cover created to fit above the roof of your tent. It comes in handy whenever it rains or when dew is anticipated, or if you prefer a bit of additional warmth.

Packed tent size: Check to make sure the tent size works well with your vehicle.

Design style: Nearly all group tents are freestanding these days. This means that they require no stakes to setup. The biggest benefit is that you can pick your tent up and move it to another locale before staking it.

Tent ventilation: Mesh-panels are frequently utilized in the doors, windows, and ceiling of tents. This permits views and improves cross-ventilation to help control condensation. For hot, humid weather, select larger mesh-panels.

Interior loops and pockets: A lantern-loop is frequently positioned on the top-center of the tent ceiling for suspending a lantern. Loops on the inside of tent walls can be used to affix a mesh-shelf, known as a gear-loft, to hold small objects off the tent floor. Likewise, inside pockets will help keep your tent manageable and organized.

Guyout loops: Top-quality tents will have loops on the exterior of the tent-body for affixing guy lines. Guy lines permit you to batten-down the hatches so that the fabric doesn’t flap during high winds.


Now that you’ve been educated about four of the best Coleman tents on the market and how to select the best tent to suit your needs, you are more than ready to make a decision. Keep in mind, that all Coleman tents are top-quality and known for their durability and design. However, if your budget is a bit on the lean side, and you have 6 to 8 people or less to accommodate, the Coleman Instant Tent 6 to 8-Person will fulfill your needs. The Coleman Instant Tent can be purchased for 4, 6, or 8 people. The price is reasonable, and it does the job that any well-made, quality tent should do. Not only that, it’s easy to setup and even easier to pack-up!

The ideal is to make your camping trip as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. If that’s what you “really” desire, Coleman tents are the best tents available. With over 100 years of hard work to prove it, Coleman is the best buy on the market today. And remember, by purchasing a Coleman tent, you are guaranteed yourself years of camping fun! Take a look at the selection, make your choice, and enjoy!

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