Check it out! New from Native Watercraft, the Propel 10

The crew at Native Watercraft simply amaze me with their never ending interest in creating kayaks for all situations. Their upcoming ten-foot version of their popular Slayer Propel peddle kayak seems to be a future contender for best river kayak on the market in my opinion. While I won’t get to test drive one until my local dealer gets one in stock, I’m anxiously awaiting sometime in the cockpit of this new addition to the Native lineup. The word from Native is the Propel 10 will be even more stable than the already super stable current Slayer models, more maneuverable than the standard Propel in the 13′ 2″ version, and a lot lighter in weight. With estimated weight coming in somewhere around 69 pounds, it will most likely be the lightest peddle angling kayak on the market. Can you imagine how easily a kayak like this would be to toss into your pickup truck and head to the river for an afternoon of fishing?!? I like it!


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