Hunting Season Is Here: 5 Must Have’s For Your Hunting Adventure

There are many given necessities when hunting, such as appropriate firearms, rifle cleaning equipment, hunting ammo, blaze orange gear for safety, a dressing kit for any game that is taken and a first aid kit for potential accidents. But those are just some of the common basic necessities and do not address some more important issues, such as how to find your way back to camp if lost. Here is a list of some items that will help:

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Your One Stop Guide to Pick the Best Inflatable Boat

If you are a fishing enthusiast, you will agree that the best place to fish is right in the middle of the lake where the fish is aplenty and the rhythmic movement of the boat on still water is a perfect way to calm down. A fishing boat however is expensive investment and even hiring boat for a day turns out to be expensive in the longer run. This is where inflatable boats come in. They are fast becoming popular and are a good alternative to regular boats. To start with, inflatable boats will cut the cost of your boat by several thousand dollars. Not only are these affordable, but they are also light and do not require heavy engine to run on. As a result, you do not need to buy expensive heavy engines and also save money on fuel. The inflatable boats are classified according to certain criteria and you must know a little bit about the requirements to be able to select the best boat.

Zodiac Inflatable Boat

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Hunting Season is Close: Six Steps to Preparing Your Rifle

Hunting season is just around the corner. You have your favorite grounds picked up and you have your registration all settled, but do you have the most important part of your trip, your hunting rifle, prepared?

hunting rifle

Follow these six essential hunting rifle preparation tips to experience a hunting season that is safe, thrilling and without trouble.

Step #1: Set Your Sights

It doesn’t matter if you’re using iron sights or a scope; an improperly set sight will always be off the mark of where it should be. This issue can lead to the big one that got away or the reason that your rifle accidentally shot a hunting partner. Ensure your rifle is sighted in between 1.5 and 3 inches at the distance of 100 yards. Straying from this could lead to over or under compensating.

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Ready For Hunting Season? 4 Things To Check Before You Go

For hunters, there is nothing as exciting as the approach of hunting season. The night before the season opens is like Christmas Eve. Hunters are brimming over with anticipation, eagerly awaiting the call of the wild. There are some crucial things that hunters need to do before they go out to the countryside. Here is a look at four things that you should check before you go hunting.

hunting rifle

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8 Tips to Live by for Your Next Deer Hunt

VLUU L100, M100 / Samsung L100, M100It doesn’t matter whether you’re a veteran hunter or a novice heading into the woods for the first time, there are certain fundamental rules that you have to follow to stay on top of your game. If you want to be successful in your deer hunting missions, then following these key strategies can be of great help. Outsmarting the white-tailed bucks is a much easier affair with these tips and strategies:

1. Research Your Prey

The foundation for any hunt has to be laid upon this fact. Just like any other animal, the deer has only one goal: survival; and to do that, it must eat, drink and sleep.

White-tailed deer consume around 1.5 tons of food per year on average. It’s common to see them eat around ten pounds of food daily during prime season. They also eat about 4 to 5 times each day. Follow the food trail and you will find the game.

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