556 Benchmade Mini-Griptilian Plain Edge Review

556-benchmadeBenchmade knives are a tradition and their pocket knife category is one of their finest products. One of these is the Mini-Griptilian Plain Edge knife which is a pocket knife that is simple, easy to use and efficient to use. The secret to the Mini-Griptilian’s popularity as a pocket knife, outdoor tool and all-around knife are its features. This is a Benchmade Mini-Griptilian Plain Edge review to help consumers find out more about this simple yet efficient pocket knife. Look more details on video below:

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Looking for German pocket knife?

If you are looking for a German pocket knife, you should go through the information in a very careful way. If you are well aware of the pocket knife terminology, it is possible to select the best knife for your needs. The terms used to specify a pocket knife include back, belly, blade, bolster, bolster lining, bone handle, carbon, edge, handle, lock, point and spine. There are a number of other terms as well. You should check the durability and price. The best German pocket knife that you select should fulfill your needs in an effortless manner.

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A Zero Tolerance 0200 Review

 Zero Tolerance is the maker of high quality and dependable pocket knives. The 0200 is one of the most in-demand Zero Tolerance models because of its seamless design and excellent quality. The Zero Tolerance 0200 is a manual military G-10 folder knife with an all-black feature. This is a Zero Tolerance 0200 review to help you with shopping for the best folding or pocket knife that will meet your needs. Watch video for closer look for this knife:

Features of the Zero Tolerance 0200

  • Blade length of 4.00” and blade thickness of 0.16”
  • Overall length of 8.75”
  • Weighs 8.0 ounces
  • Blade material is 154CM stainless steel
  • This has a modified recurved blade style with a hollow blade grind and a black DLC finish
  • Handle length of 5.25” and handle thickness of 0.73”
  • Handle material is made of G-10 with a stainless steel liner
  • With a reversible pocket clip and a tip up/down
  • This is a manual assist opening knife using a flipper, thumb stud
  • With a liner lock mechanism
  • Made in the USA


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Coolest pocket knives out there

Pocket knives are useful to perform various jobs. They can be used in various situations as you can carry with them very easily. The compact sized knives offer numerous benefits. When there are a number of brands and models in the market, it will be difficult to figure out the best. You can certainly make the most of the time, effort and money if you go through the reviews presented by experts. The tips offered by experts are useful so that you will select the right kind of knife for your needs. The length of the blade, blade material, durability and price are some of the factors of concern. The safe operation and functionality should get top most priority.

There are single blade and multi-blade versions of pocket knives. Selection of the knife should be done based on the intended use, blade type and size of the blade.

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