Tips for fly tying organization and storage

Anyone who ties even a few flies has an immediate problem: What do I do with all this stuff? Get it organized to tie better and more efficiently.


If you are like me, you tie a ton of flies. I think I have almost hit the 1,000-fly mark, so I need to put them somewhere. Those bead storage boxes that they sell at craft stores (Michael’s, Joann’s, etc) are a cost effective and practical solution.

I have a few boxes that are for my smaller nymphs and dry flies, plus a few more that have longer compartments for my streamers and deer hair bugs. This lets you find the flies you need for each trip and lets you stockpile and replenish on-the-water boxes so you always have enough flies.

You don’t have to be a fly tier to use this, if you buy flies this also works great.

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Hook and bead organization – it’s the little things


There are quite a few things out there that make life easier, but not everyone knows about them. Today’s easy button solution comes in the form of rounded bead/hook/accessory compartment boxes. These boxes have rounded bottoms on the front to allow you to easily slide out one or two of what you need, no more beads getting stuck in corners or hooks catching your fingers. Most fly tyers have plano boxes to organize their beads and cones, but without the rounded edge, your tying accessories can be tough to get at.