A Look At the 2015 Jackson Coosa HD

For 2015 I’ve opted to paddle the new Jackson Coosa HD, one of Jackson’s newest fishing kayak models along with the Kraken. As much as I enjoyed the Jackson Kilroy from last fall, I was curious about the Coosa HD due to all of the hype it was getting and had to get a look at it for myself. To say I was impressed is a huge understatement and I knew the HD would be my choice of kayak for the 2015 season. Since ordering and receiving my HD in the new GI Jackson color, I’ve spent some time on the water with it, but we’ll get to that in a bit. First, let me walk you through what I feel is one of the most versatile fishing kayaks on the market, the Jackson Kayak Coosa HD.

Jackson Coosa HD

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Your One Stop Guide to Pick the Best Inflatable Boat

If you are a fishing enthusiast, you will agree that the best place to fish is right in the middle of the lake where the fish is aplenty and the rhythmic movement of the boat on still water is a perfect way to calm down. A fishing boat however is expensive investment and even hiring boat for a day turns out to be expensive in the longer run. This is where inflatable boats come in. They are fast becoming popular and are a good alternative to regular boats. To start with, inflatable boats will cut the cost of your boat by several thousand dollars. Not only are these affordable, but they are also light and do not require heavy engine to run on. As a result, you do not need to buy expensive heavy engines and also save money on fuel. The inflatable boats are classified according to certain criteria and you must know a little bit about the requirements to be able to select the best boat.

Zodiac Inflatable Boat

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Top 5 New Zealand Fishing Destinations

New Zealand has always been a hotspot for outdoor adventurers catering to both tourists and locals alike. It is the perfect place for people looking to enjoy their time outdoors. Whether you’re looking for an ecotourism backpacking excursion, a leisurely hike along Hollyford Track or diving into the deep of Marlborough Sounds, you’ll be able to enjoy and experience a delightful vacation in this part of the world. With all of its rivers, lakes and famed coastal destinations, New Zealand is also a top choice for adventurous fisherman from around the world.

Hawke’s Bay
Hawke’s Bay

Fishermen consider New Zealand to be one of the top sporting destinations to test their skills against some of the more wily species. From offshore big game fishing and chartered fishing trips to sight casting dry flies for trout in the famed inland rivers, this country offers every conceivable variety of sportfishing.

If you’re planning a fishing trip to New Zealand, you’re probably well aware of (or have at least heard of) the best fishing destinations scattered throughout the country. In this article, we’ve tried to cover the most important destinations across both North and South Island.

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4 Exotic Locales to Land Your First Blue Marlin

In order to determine the best location to hook up with your first blue marlin, you need to understand these magnificent fish and identify where they live and what they feed on. There are numerous resources across the internet to help the novice big game fisherman. Blue marlin represent real oceanic creatures (pelagic fish) that spend most of their lives in the deep blue waters well beyond the continental shelf. Most of them thrive thousands of miles from the mainland where they can only be found using large ocean-going fishing vessels. The best places to fish for them are the islands and capes of continents projecting out into deep waters that come closest to the edge of the continental shelf.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas was initially an English colony but now is an independent Commonwealth. This group of islands, cays and islets are spread out across hundreds of square miles of the Atlantic Ocean. They consist of two major sections that fall into the deep ocean water with strong currents and large numbers of amazing creatures. Bimini is the island closest to the U.S mainland as it lies less than fifty miles from Miami. It represents one of the genuine treasure troves of sport fishing destinations. The deep water on the eastern side of the Bahamas is where you’ll have your best shot at a larger fish, 700 lbs and up. Most local billfish tourneys take place during the spring and early summer. During most tournaments, a 500 lb blue marlin will place in the money. The Bahamas host many eager fishermen every year and offer friendly experienced fishing boat captains and easy access from most U.S. airports.

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