Gear Review: 4/5 Beulah Classic Switch – Sad to see it go

Specs: 10’6″ 4/5 wt

Lines: 250 Scandi/ 280-320 Skagit/ 6wt Salmon Steelhead Taper/ 6 wt indicator line

Tactics: swinging soft hackles and small streamers; casting long leaders and dry flies; indicator fishing.

4/5 in action on the Willamette

Swinging a soft hackle can be one of the most productive was to catch fish in the Willamette Valley. Our broad riffles and long runs make a small two-hander the ideal way to cover water and often find bigger fish. There are few experiences in this world that compare to a fish grabbing a swung fly, even when it’s a 10″ tiddler.

Dry fly presentation: I use this setup on the Metolius River when fishing 12-15′ leaders and dry flies. Yes, it may seem crazy to use a switch rod in this setting, but when you need to present a fly across multiple current seams and achieve a long drift a long leader is key ingredient. You will compromise accuracy with this rod, but it’s length will make handling a longer leader much easier.

Beulah is discontinuing this series, so they won’t be around much longer.