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Ultra Light Compact 4 Season Sleeping Bag: The Ideal All Around Sleeping Bag

Some campers like to camp only in the warm summer months. Others prefer braving the icy days and nights of winter. And then there are those who are somewhere in the middle and like to keep their camping options open all year around. For those people, the ultralight sleeping bags is a must have. The ultra light and compact part is especially important for backcountry hikers and others who need to be able to carry the bag for long distances. It goes without saying that the camping sleeping bag is one of the most important items that a camper or hiker carries, so that is why it is essential to have one that fits your range of activities.

Every experienced outdoor enthusiast knows that weather can be highly variable and unpredictable during all seasons. Sometimes the day may start out warm and dry and then turn cold and soggy later on. This is why it is imperative to be prepared to face a variety of conditions on any trip. Having an ultra light, compact lightweight sleeping bag makes things much easier because it allows the camper to have one bag to take on virtually every excursion. Instead of having a summer sleeping bag, a winter one, a dry weather one, a wet weather one, etc, campers who have an ultra light compact 4 seasons sleeping bag can have it all in one. This will cut down on costs and storage space.

Ultra light compact lightweight rectangular sleeping bag products are designed to be both light and durable. The idea is that they are easy to pack around but also up to the rigorous demands of the great outdoors. Most campers have probably experienced the horrors of a ripped sleeping bag. For this reason, it is very important to make sure that your sleeping bag is equipped with the some sort of tear-proof outer material. Most quality bags will state this fact on the tag. Many times ultra light compact 4 seasons sleeping bag will have a hood that can be pulled out in cold weather and tucked in when it is warmer. They also should be constructed of a fabric that is both waterproof and breathable. Having a waterproof sleeping bag is of the utmost importance, because you never know when water may seep or blow into your tent, no matter how sturdy it is. Never underestimate the power of Mother Nature. Most ultra light compact 4 seasons sleeping bag products also have face draft tubes and internal chest collars that can be adjusted to cover up more of the body during storms or extremely cold conditions.

Remember, ultra light compact 4 seasons sleeping bag products are made to be flexible, but they are not perfect for everyone. For those of you who plan on enduring very frigid temperatures while camping, you will want a bag designed for extreme cold. And for those who only plan on camping in places that are warm or downright hot, a cooler, more vented sleeping bag may be the best choice.

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