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Shopping for an Army Sleeping Bag

The Army sleeping bag has a long and glorious tradition. The military has always needed well-built, durable sleeping bags for its soldiers, and as a result, some of the toughest and hardiest sleeping bags on the planet have been designed for the Army. Many a soldier can attest to their value in all sorts of conditions. These bags have undergone extreme testing and survived wars all over the world. Fortunately, the Army sleeping bag is no longer restricted to those in uniform. Any regular Joe camper can go out and purchase their very own personal Army sleeping bag. Even better, they aren’t always that drab color of green!

The traditional Army sleeping bag can often be found at thrift stores or Army surplus stores. However, if you don’t care whether or not your bag has actually gone through a war, many companies now sell new Army-style sleeping bags online or in outdoor sports stores. Like any other type of sleeping bags, the Army sleeping bag can be found in a variety of styles. Some are designed more for cold weather, others are designed for the warmer months, and still others are flexible enough to be used year around in most locales. The advantage of buying an Army sleeping bag is that you know it has been tested to high standards. Some regular sleeping bags companies will create a product that is flashy and trendy, but lacks real substance. Not so with the Army sleeping bag. You know these bags are built tough and will be able to handle just about any adventure you put them through.

Some of the key technological elements of the Army sleeping bag is weather resistance. These bags tend to be especially resilient in wet weather, an area that many other sleeping bags fall short in. If you think about it, this makes perfect sense: the military knows that its soldiers are sometimes put in situations where they have no choice but too sleep out in the elements. They don’t carry nice cushy tents like most campers use. As a result, the typical Army sleeping bag is built to keep out soggy conditions and keep their occupants nice and dry. What they may lack in padding they more than make up for in practical value for those who face wet weather frequently.

Keep in mind that not every sleeping bag that calls itself “Army” is actually designed for military use. In fact, many companies these days slap that label on bags that merely are given camouflage coloring. This may be okay if you are just looking for a sleeping bag for your boy to use in the backyard, but not if you are looking for the legendary reputation of the real deal. Therefore, it is very important that you do a little research on whatever company is selling the bag. Find out what components actually make up the bag. See if the military has ever actually employed the company. If they haven’t, it may still be a quality product, but it won’t come with the pedigree that a authentic Army sleeping bag does.

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