Gas, Electric, or Cordless String Trimmers?

Cordless-GasWhen you consider whether to buy a cordless, electric, or gas string trimmer, it can be confusing as to which might be the best one to meet your needs. Below are some tips and information that will help you to make the best selection for you and your yard.

Electric string trimmers work off electricity and are used in the yard with an extension cord that allows for trimming at a moderate distance. These models are less expensive, and come in small, light sizes that are easy to carry and can be very quiet. These are best suited for smaller yards that have easy access to electrical outlets around the outside of the house. When considering buying one of these, you are limited to the length of extension cord that it is attached to. If you have a larger lawn, this can be a limiting feature.

Cordless string trimmers have the wonderful advantage of an internal battery that is charged through an electrical outlet, and then can be taken out into the yard to trim, free of an extension cord. This is a greater advantage with a lawn that is larger, but these are slightly heavier than the electric trimmers. There is also the added price for have a cordless, which is higher than the electric kind. When the battery runs down, you have to wait for it to recharge before you can trim again, increasing the time required to do the job. These are much less cumbersome, though than the corded electric type.

The gas string trimmer is slightly heavier, and at a higher cost from the other two models, but has many advantages. It runs on a mixture of gas and oil, which means continuous running with only the need to refill the tank. This model is very well suited to large lawns where a greater distance has to be traveled to do trimming, and can be much longer lasting in quality than its two other predecessors. The weight can be better handled by a shoulder strap that is sold at many hardware stores, and there is also a pre-mixed oil/gas mixture available to make filling easier. If you are willing to spend a little more, these models work well for the big jobs.

Altogether, it is important to consider your yard type, personal preferences, and budget when selecting a string trimmer. This way, you make the best choice. A good place to start your research is our reviews section.

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