Smith & Wesson Black HRT Boot Knife Review

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  • Coated Stainless Steel Blade
  • Black aluminum handle
  • Double edged spear point blade
  • Comes with a leather boot sheath w/ pocket clip
  • Weighs a lightweight 7.7 ounces

First thing that I have to say about this knife is that it is one tough knife. However, this is what I have come to expect from a Smith and Wesson so I wasn’t overly surprised when I saw its quality but that is just because it is what I am used to. This knife is built like a brick shit house (so to speak) and will handle any job like it was nothing. This is a true workhorse knife and one you definitely would not be disappointed in buying.Smith & Wesson SWHRT9B Black HRT Boot Knife

Overall Length 8.84″
Blade Length 4.74″
Blade Steel 440C
Best for Boot Knife
Score 6/10

Currently, you can get it for a steal at $17 from Amazon so I definitely recommend you go and pick yourself up one, or as Christmas is approaching, get it for a loved one they will be thrilled. Another great thing about this price is that even if you do manage to somehow break it or lose, you are not out of pocket a lot of money and can simply go and buy yourself a new one.


Now as the Smith and Wesson HRT (SWHRT9B) isn’t the most expensive knife, it doesn’t feature the most expensive or high-quality steel, but you are NOT getting what you paid for. Normally for a knife, this price you would be expecting some two-bit hack metal but the team at Smith & Wesson have really delivered and made it out of 440C steel which is able to get surprisingly sharp. Now it won’t get face shaving sharp as I expect of all my knives but will get sharp enough to handle most tasks you put in fronts of it such as camp chores, food preparation, and other general purpose tasks.

The blade is blackened which makes it not only look good but as it is coated, provides it with an extra level of rust and corrosion protection. Like I said before, this blade is a tank and thanks to a high level of hardness it is not going to chip or break as easily as most of the other blades around this price.


The Smith & Wesson Black HRT was also a nice surprise and allows you to get a much nicer grip than you would normally expect just by looking at it. The handle is made out of robust aluminum which allows you to get a really solid grip that you can be comfortable using and not have to worry about it slipping out of your hands. Furthermore, the finger protectors work great in ensuring that your hand won’t slip and slide open, even when placed under pressure or weight.


Overall, if you are looking for an affordable but still good quality boot knife then you have to go for the Smith & Wesson Black HRT. It really is a one of a kind knife and will serve you well. As always, though, I don’t recommend you buy it off the internet and rather get it from your local knife store so you are able to get a feel for it to make sure that it is right for you.


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