Infantry Knife Review: The Gerber LMF

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  • Rugged and reliable design in all our products
  • Can be used in various military, hunting, survival, tactical, industrial and outdoor situations
  • Partially serrated blade
  • Plexiglass punch
  • Can be used as a hammer

Gerber know how to to make high-quality knives and the Gerber LMF Infantry knife is a clear example of this. This famous knife has received absolutely raving positive reviews from nearly everyone who has bought this lovely piece of equipment. The knife was designed by former military man Jeff Freeman and was even field tested with troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, so I really think this knife is going to be able to easily perform any task you through its way.

Overall Length 10.59″
Blade Length 4.84″
Blade Steel 420HC
Best for Survival
Score 8/10

It is still even being used by service man and women in Iraq today and is proving time and time again, that Gerber really knows how to make a quality knife. Apart from looking great, this is one sturdy knife that is going to last you a long time and one you should really consider adding to your arsenal. Personally, I wouldn’t go camping or hiking without it.Gerber LMF

Check out this video to see it really put to the test!


  • Rugged and reliable design in all our products
  • Can be used in various military, hunting, survival, tactical, industrial and outdoor situations
  • All products are field tested
  • Partially serrated blade
  • Plexiglass punch
  • Can be used as a hammer
  • Converts to a spear
  • Sheath has integrated sharpener


The blade on this bad boy not only looks great but is also of really high quality. To start with, the blade is made out of high-quality 420HC Stainless steel which is can take even the toughest of beatings. This steel is super strong and is not going to break or chip easily, meaning that you can use this knife confidently in a variety of situations without having to worry whether or not it will break. Furthermore, as this is high-quality 420HC stainless steel, this knife is going to be able to keep an edge really sharp meaning you don’t have to sharpen it very often. Even better, as this is high-quality carbon stainless steel, the blade is nearly 100% rust and corrosion proof which theoretically means you should be able to get years out of this knife before you have to replace it (if you ever have to). My only complaint here would be that it wasn’t as sharp as I would have liked out of the box, although, I really do expect impossibly high standards when it comes to sharpness, which you may be aware of if you have read any of my other posts.

The blade is also partially serrated meaning that it is able to not only slice with the fine sharp edge but also chop and saw with the serrated one, making this perfect for a camping/survival knife as well. The Gerber LMF Infantry knife features a 12.3cm blade length, which makes it the perfect length to perform a wide variety of tasks, but also small enough to complete even the most delicate of jobs.


If you are trying to find a tactical knife which has the best handle then you have found it. I was really taken aback by the quality of the handle when I first tried it out. The handle is super comfortable, and I mean it. With some other knives, after extended use, you will find that your hand may begin to ache. I did not have this problem at all with the LMF II infantry. You are also able to maintain a solid grip which won’t budge when placed under stress or pressure and is even incredibly grippy when wearing gloves. It also features a small finger guard which will ensure that your hand doesn’t slip down the handle and get sliced open by the blade.

A very unique feature about this blade, one with quite a popular story attached to it, is the fact that the knife has an insulated handle. What this means is that you are able to cut a live electrical current, without the risk of being electrocuted. This extremely useful feature was the highlight of a story involving a sniper team in Iraq. Basically, they were exposed waiting for exvac and surrounded by insurgents. They needed to cut the power to the generator in order to give themselves the cover of darkness whilst they waited for the chopper to arrive, but the only way to do so what to cut a “hot” wire. The soldier remembered that someone had told him that the handle was insulated and gave it a shot. He cut through the wire successfully and wasn’t electrocuted at all. The blade suffered a few chips as a result of the electricity arcing through, but you know what? When he got back to base, he sharpened it back to perfect working order.

Other features of this handle include a butt cap which allows the bottom of this knife to be used as a hammer, great for survival situations and camping. Furthermore, it features spear holes which allow it to be lashed to a spear in order to be thrown, making it truly a great combat/hunting weapon.


The blade comes with a fitted sheath that has leg straps, allowing you to comfortably connect the knife to your body. With the sheath, it only weighs half a kilogram, meaning it is incredibly light and will not weigh you down. Furthermore, as the knife comes with a sharpener in the sheath, you are able to sharpen it whenever you need.


Overall, the Gerber LMF Infantry knife is one hell of a fixed blade knife. I give it 5/5 stars and would definitely recommend it to not only servicemen and women, but also hunting/survival enthusiasts looking for a rugged and long lasting knife. This blade can really take a beating and is able to perform a wide array of duties, making it one of the best-fixed blade knives I have ever owned. If you don’t believe me, just check it out on amazon where it has over 230+ 5 star reviews. As always, though, I recommend going down to your local knife store and getting a feel for it before you go out and purchase it just to make sure it is right for you.


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