Gerber Prodigy Serrated Knife

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  • 420HC stainless steel blade with black oxide finish
  • Includes leg strap and two additional attachment straps for added security
  • Textured over-molded soft-grip ensures a secure grip
  • Sheath features friction-release thumb lock for security
  • Molle compatible hard sheath with ballistic nylon belt loop and straps

If you are looking for one mean looking knife then look no further because the Gerber Prodigy is here. This is one tough looking fixed blade knife and I really have to give some props to Gerber on their design for this bad boy. The design was inspired of one of their previous successful models – the LMF II so you know that this knife is based on a quality model as both are engineered by Gerber’s Jeff Freeman. However, overall you will find that the Prodigy is smaller then LMF II making it a more versatile blade, which is something that many desire. Whilst the blade is marketed towards more of a military demographic, the blade is still incredibly useful out hunting and camping so I would recommend it for that kind of person as well.Gerber Prodigy Serrated


Like I said before, the Prodigy is a much smaller knife than the LMF II running out at 9.75″ with the blade coming to a length of 4 3/4″ long. This makes a good length for performing a wide variety of tasks and even makes it small enough to prepare food when your out camping. The blade is made out of 420HC steel which I am a fan of as it is fairly good at keeping a sharp edge, however, my only complaint about this with the Prodigy would be that it needs to be sharpened a bit more frequently than I would prefer, but I can probably chalk that up to using it for more heavy duty tasks.

A feature I really enjoy on some of my knives, especially fixed blade/survival knives is a partially serrated edge. This is really useful as it allows you to cut everything from rope to tough polymer woven materials. Furthermore, as the serrated edge is only roughly about half the blade, you still have a considerably large fine edge that can be used for slicing jobs.


The Gerber Prodigy features a fairly robust handle and one which you are able to get a really nice grip on. The over-molded rubber handle is not only soft but also allows you to have a comfortable grip, something that you might not find on every blade out there. This allows you to have a really solid grip in any condition whether it be rain, hail or shine. The handle also features a “friction-release thumb lock” which is aimed at ensuring your hand and fingers remain on the handle and don’t slip off. The butt of the knife also acts as a glass breaker helping you get out of certain situations (e.g. trapped in a car) making this a very useful knife.

Gerber Prodigy Serrated Sheath


Overall, the Gerber Prodigy is one hell of a tactical knife. Being very similar to the LMF II I was a little hesitant in making the purchase, however, once I got out and used it I really loved this knife. As it is slightly smaller, it makes it more versatile and portable in my opinion and therefore suits more of my day to day needs whilst the LMF II is reserved for more of my bigger heavy duty tasks now a days.


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