Bear Grylls Survival Hatchet Review

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  • Grippy rubber handle privides excellent grip in all conditions
  • Full tang construction for durability
  • Slim nylon sheath
  • Blade length: 3.5 Inches
  • Overall length: 9.45 Inches

Being stuck in any survival situation is not typically going to be your most pleasant experience and something you are going to go out of your way to place your self in (unless you are Bear Grylls). However, if I am stuck in a survival situation then there is definitely a few pieces of equipment I will be hoping I have with me, my survival knife and my Bear Grylls survival hatchet. This little axe is going to really help you and is designed by the team at Gerber with the man himself to make sure that this axe really is the best survival hatchet out there.


Although this is a really small hatchet (great for portability mind you) don’t let it fool you because this axe really does pack a punch. This is because a lot of the weight and power is concentrated on the head of the axe to give it that extra level of power that you will definitely be needing when trying to quickly build a shelter when it is bucketing down with rain. The blade on the axe is 3 and half inches long, making it a good size to not only limb saplings but to also split some bigger logs. Better yet, as this is made out of 3Cr14MoV steel, the Bear Grylls Survival hatchet is going to be able to perform in any weather condition.

Gerber Hatchet Blade

On the back of the blade, it features a crosshatched striking surface that is really handy for different types of camp duties such as hammering in nails but also comes in handy in survival situations where for example you need to crack open nuts to get that bit of sustenance you have been searching for.


Being a piece of survival equipment, you would expect the Bear Grylls survival axe to have a relatively good grip, and luckily it does. The handle is advertised to be a “zero slip grip” as it fills your hand allowing you to get a really nice and tight grip that you can be confident in using. This is also complimented by the fact that you are able to get a really solid grip even when its raining and you don’t have to be concerned with the axe slipping out of your hand. If you need, the axe also features some finger grooves near the head of the axe, allowing you to choke up and perform some more precise chopping duties.

Gerber Hatchet Sheath


Overall, the Bear Grylls Survival Hatchet is my favorite little axe to take out with me. You will find a million and one uses for it and as it is incredibly light, its not going to weigh you down. If you are ever going out camping or what not, you should definitely take one with you because you really never know if you will be in a life or death situation and when you are, trust me, you are going to wish that you had one of these with you!


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