ZT Zero Tolerance 0561

ZT Zero Tolerance 0561 Review





  • Steel: ELMAX, stonewashed finish
  • Handle: 3-D machined G-10 front scale, 3-D machined titanium back handle, stonewashed finish
  • Blade Length: 3.75 inches; Closed Length: 5 inches; Overall Length: 8.8 inches; Weight: 5.8 ounces
  • Frame lock; Thumb stud; Lanyard hole; Flipper; Deep-carry pocketclip; Quad mounting
  • Made in the USA

  • Fairly expensive

ZT Zero Tolerance 0561

A pocket knife must be practical to use and to carry around wherever you go. It must also be strong and durable for outdoor or indoor use. In your search for the best pocket knife, you may have seen the ZT logo which is the symbol for Zero Tolerance. ZT Zero Tolerance 0561 is a pocket knife that belongs to the high-end knife brands. It is high end not just because it is more expensive than most pocket knives but because of the amazing features and advantages it has over other knives of the same size and style. Check out this ZT Zero Tolerance 0561 video review to find out more about this special pocket knife.

Features of the ZT Zero Tolerance 0561

  • Blade length of 3.75”
  • Overall length of 8.8” and closed length of 5”
  • Weighs 5.8oz.
  • Handle front is a 3-D machined G-10 scale while the back is 3-D machined titanium back. With a stonewashed finished
  • Blade is made of ELMAX steel with a stonewashed finish
  • With a frame lock, thumb stud, lanyard hole, and a quad mounting, deep carry pocket clip
  • Made in the USA

Advantages of using this pocket knife

  1. The ZT Zero Tolerance 0561 has a strong, powdered steel blade. Has great edge retention and is tough for all kinds of indoor or outdoor projects. The sharp edge can cut, splice, slice, and peel with no resistance. The tip is extra sharp to easily penetrate any material. The blade is made of highly durable steel that has a stonewashed finish; this does not just add to the appeal of the knife but also reduces the effects of dirt, rust and corrosion when the knife is used often.
  2. The handle is contoured to fit any sized hand. The texture helps keep the pocket knife at hand to prevent accidental slipping. The handle is also shaped to allow you to grip it securely especially when you are deploying it for use. The blade effectively hides in the handle to protect the blade and the frame lock keeps the blade hidden until you want to use it again.
  3. The machined handle is well-designed and the 3-D contoured design keeps it easy to clean, reduces stains, odors and dirt. It also makes the knife more appealing compared to knives in plain matte black.
  4. The lanyard hole, flipper and thumb stud adds to the effectiveness and practical use of the ZT Zero Tolerance 0561 pocket knife. You can place around your neck with a lanyard or a strap while you can string it on your backpack just in case you need to use a knife when you are outdoors.
  5. Possibly the best thing about this knife is its size and shape. It can fold away to a thin and small tool that you can hide in your bag, purse or pocket. The minimal weight also makes it easier to use since there is no pain on the hands and wrist when you use this pocket knife.

ZT Zero Tolerance 0561-front


Disadvantages of using this pocket knife

Possibly the only disadvantage that one may find in using a ZT Zero Tolerance 0561 is the price. It is priced at $207 online and this is certainly very expensive compared to other pocket knives with the same features and style.

ZT Zero Tolerance 0561-unboxed


The ZT Zero Tolerance 0561 is a pocket knife ideal for serious outdoors men and those looking for a practical and efficient tool to use for indoor and outdoor projects. The blade is hard and the handle gives you the best grip. It may be expensive, but it is certainly is a small price to pay for its high-quality features.


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