Vintage pocket knives buying guide

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Collecting vintage pocket knives can be great fun and excitement. It is a rewarding and profitable hobby if you accomplish everything in the right way. If you are a novice, you can make the most of the selection by going through the information presented by experts. The greatest fun that you will get into the collection of vintage knives is the searching process itself. You will want to search in the town, Grandpa’s attic and various other ways. You should look into the gentle wear and tear so that you will purchase durable knives.


Selection of brand

The selection of brand should be done carefully. You will pay the amount based on the maker of the knife. It is difficult to pay an amount without knowing the manufacturer. The company names or identifying hallmarks should be identified. There will be a mark on the base of the knife. You can find the full name of the brand. Some companies will print the hallmark. You should be able to identify them based on the name or hallmark. Opinel uses a hallmark. A hand with a finger pointing towards the crown is the hallmark used by Opinel. See Opinel pocket knives here.


In some cases, the name of the company will not be printed on the knife. However, an experienced collector will be able to identify Imperial Knives. Imperial has prepared a number of advertising pocket knives which are available in various sizes. The material used for the handle varies from one company to another company. If you are well aware of the look and feel of the knife, you will become familiar with the knife very easily. See on Ebay the list of Schrade pocket knives.

Tips for selection

By asking the sellers number of questions, you will be able to identify the brand of the knife. There are collectors and dealers who are very much interested in teaching a beginner so that they will be able to guide them to purchase a number of knives.

If you go through the guidebooks and price guide, it is possible to make the right choice in an effortless manner. The listing of manufacturers and their markings will be included on the blade.

It is very much important to look for the repairs and damages on knives. If you go for altered or repaired knives, you will lose money. There will be a number of items that are repaired so that they can be used again. If you are an inexperienced buyer, you will be fooled to purchase an altered knife. There are a number of ways on how to look for vintage pocket altered knives.

You can also associate with enthusiasts so that you will be able to make the most of your time and effort. If you go through the color pictures and diagrams, you will be able to relate knives with various brands. The more you gain knowledge about the knives the less you will spend towards the purchase of high-quality vintage knives.

When you are completely aware of the characteristics of various kinds of knives, the selection can be done easily and you can make money by selling a vintage knife after some years.

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