A Zero Tolerance 0200 Review

 Zero Tolerance is the maker of high quality and dependable pocket knives. The 0200 is one of the most in-demand Zero Tolerance models because of its seamless design and excellent quality. The Zero Tolerance 0200 is a manual military G-10 folder knife with an all-black feature. This is a Zero Tolerance 0200 review to help you with shopping for the best folding or pocket knife that will meet your needs. Watch video for closer look for this knife:

Features of the Zero Tolerance 0200

  • Blade length of 4.00” and blade thickness of 0.16”
  • Overall length of 8.75”
  • Weighs 8.0 ounces
  • Blade material is 154CM stainless steel
  • This has a modified recurved blade style with a hollow blade grind and a black DLC finish
  • Handle length of 5.25” and handle thickness of 0.73”
  • Handle material is made of G-10 with a stainless steel liner
  • With a reversible pocket clip and a tip up/down
  • This is a manual assist opening knife using a flipper, thumb stud
  • With a liner lock mechanism
  • Made in the USA


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Vintage pocket knives buying guide

Collecting vintage pocket knives can be great fun and excitement. It is a rewarding and profitable hobby if you accomplish everything in the right way. If you are a novice, you can make the most of the selection by going through the information presented by experts. The greatest fun that you will get into the collection of vintage knives is the searching process itself. You will want to search in the town, Grandpa’s attic and various other ways. You should look into the gentle wear and tear so that you will purchase durable knives.


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Coolest pocket knives out there

Pocket knives are useful to perform various jobs. They can be used in various situations as you can carry with them very easily. The compact sized knives offer numerous benefits. When there are a number of brands and models in the market, it will be difficult to figure out the best. You can certainly make the most of the time, effort and money if you go through the reviews presented by experts. The tips offered by experts are useful so that you will select the right kind of knife for your needs. The length of the blade, blade material, durability and price are some of the factors of concern. The safe operation and functionality should get top most priority.

There are single blade and multi-blade versions of pocket knives. Selection of the knife should be done based on the intended use, blade type and size of the blade.

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Pocket Knife Guide

What is the best pocket knife out there? Are you still looking for a good quality pocket knife?

Pocket knives are very good companions because they are portable and make themselves useful in many situations, whether it be camping outside or let’s just say you’re lost in a desert island. When you have to choose one, make sure that the knife meets your needs and is according to your preferences. There are a zillion choices today. There are traditional knives, single knives, Swiss knives, tactical knives, multi-tool knives and etc.

But when you zero in on one, what matters is the durability of the knife, the grip, the overall quality and reviews by existing customers about the brand.

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Spyderco Junior By Alexandru Dionescue G-10 Plain Edge Knife Review

Finding a quality plain edge knife is so important if you want to always create the best sliced vegetables, fruit, meat, or even bread. The all new Spyderco Junior made By Alexandru Dionescue G-10 Plain-Edge Knife has been getting quite a lot of attention lately, as it has been claiming to offer some of the most superior features and benefits the best most reliable junior knife should offer. However, before you buy any kitchen tool especially for kids, it is important that you learn all the specifications of the product to find out if it is best for you and your child. Watch the video below in detail and get a closer look.

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5 Types of Sharpest Pocket Knives

Every type of knife has to be as sharp as possible. Same goes with pocket knives; this kind of knife has to be sharp so you may use it for simple projects and outdoor activities. Pocket knives may also be an ideal self-defense tool. You can inflict serious injuries to an attacker if you know how to use a sharp pocket knife.

These are the 5 types of sharpest pocket knives that are available in the market. Each one has its own advantage over the other when it comes to use and self-defense, but each one is so sharp you may need to handle each with optimum care. Also, these 5 types of sharpest pocket knives are among the most popular so take time to learn about each one’s features so you may choose the ideal one that will suit your purpose:

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Spyderco Manix 2 G-10 Plain Edge Review

At first glance, Spyderco’s Manix 2 looks like an ordinary folding knife. If you look closer you can see that Spyderco has used cutting-edge materials, like their G-10 composite grip, to lighten up the design and pack more performance into the blade itself.

While the weight and length are right in line with other mid-sized folders, the blade is longer and made of high-performance carbon steel. Even the handle has premium steel inserts beneath the composite grips. The Manix 2 blends lightweight components with heavy, durable steel to make a knife that’s perfectly balanced, razor sharp, easy to grip, and built to last. Watch video below for product full review:


  • The Manix 2 is 8” when opened, 4 5/8” closed, and weighs 5 ounces
  • High-quality carbon steel blade measures 3 3/8” making it longer than most other knives in its size category
  • The handle is made from G-10 composite material, backed by hardened steel inserts, and is machined with deep, textured finger rests to make it easy to hold on to
  • Patented Ball Bearing lock unique to Spyderco makes the action incredibly smooth
  • Reversible pocket clip for easy carrying on either the right or left side

Spyderco Manix 2 G-10 Plain Edge

The Good

The Manix 2 is Spyderco’s utility knife, and it’s got a little bit of everything. Blending the larger, heavier blade and reinforced grip liner from their ParaMilitary line with a lighter, smoother ball bearing lock, the Manix 2 is an excellent multipurpose folding knife.

The G-10 composite grips are slip resistant by themselves, but Spyderco has reinforced that with deep checkering and an ergonomic handle design. The finger rests are scalloped to provide extra holding power, so this knife is great for anyone who needs performance in slippery conditions.

Made with high-carbon steel, Manix 2’s blade holds an edge like nothing else. It sharpens up easily, resists chipping, and can be honed to a razor fine edge in a matter of minutes. The extra weight of carbon steel is balanced by handle inserts, so it maintains it sits well in your hand.

Spyderco Manix 2 G-10 Plain Edge Display

The Bad

The ball bearing lock, a Spyderco innovation, has a small slide that’s operated with your thumb. While this works fine if you’re bare handed, other knives like the ParaMilitary G-10 may work slightly better if you find yourself mostly using your knife with gloves on.

Part of the tradeoff with carbon steel is maintenance. While it holds an edge far better than stainless, the blade needs to be cared for. It should be wiped dry and oiled regularly in order to keep corrosion and pitting at bay. That may make this knife a poor choice for use around the ocean, since salt water is especially hard on high carbon steels.

Spyderco Manix 2 G-10 Plain Edge Held

Our Verdict

The Manix 2 really stands out in its role as a premium folding utility knife. It’s just as good at cutting down boxes as it is hacking branches off of firewood.

Some knifemakers build a multipurpose knife by stripping away special features and lightening up the handle as much as possible, but Spyderco arrives at the same place through a balance of technology and quality materials. If you’re looking for a knife that does a little bit of everything, the Manix 2 delivers.



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The Spyderco ParaMilitary 2 G-10 Review

Spyderco’s ParaMilitary G-10 is a reworking of their larger military series. It offers many small improvements to the design as well as a more compact size for easier everyday carry. While it was designed as a survival knife, this is a great mid-sized pocket knife for everyday carry. It’s full of features, some of which aren’t apparent at first glance, that make this knife an excellent choice to have with you whether you’re in the woods or at the office.

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Spyderco LionSpy G-10 Review

The first thing that stands out about Spyderco’s LionSpy is its drop point, a feature more typical of fixed blade knives, which gives the blade a unique profile and extends the cutting edge around a radius. The handle is a mixture of G-10 composite, for a non-slip grip, and titanium, for durability and reduced weight. Even the locking mechanism, with an open back for easy cleaning and a hardened steel insert for durability, is unique. With the LionSpy, Spyderco has done their best to innovate and provide an entirely different take on what a folding knife can be. Let’s watch the video below for full detail review about this knife.


  • At nearly 8.5” long open, 4 5/8” closed, and weighing in at almost 6 ounces, the LionSpy is one of the largest and heaviest folders produced by Spyderco
  • The blade is made from advanced PM-170 steel, which has a high chromium and carbon content along with an extremely fine grain for excellent edge retention
  • Large, thick blade that is 3 5/8” long and 3/16” wide for durability and cutting power
  • Unique RotoLock mechanism is solid and smooth, made to easily open even with thick gloves on and keep the blade very secure
  • Built to resist wear and perform well even with very heavy use and little maintenance

Spyderco LionSpy G-10

The Good

This knife is extremely solid. The blade, handle, and locking mechanism are all designed to be as reliable as possible. The LionSpy has an excellent reputation for performance and reliability in tough conditions. For anyone who finds themselves wishing their knife was just a little bit larger to fit more comfortably in their hands, this is the knife for you.

While it’s not advertised as a survival knife, the LionSpy is at home in the woods. The thick, heavy blade makes splitting firewood easy, and the durable titanium handle insert means that it will hold up to anything you can throw at it. The LionSpy even has an open back, making it easy to clean dirt and debris out of the handle without any special tools. If you’re going to spend a long weekend camping, make room in your pack for a LionSpy.

Spyderco LionSpy G-10 package

The Bad

The LionSpy is big and heavy, and that’s either part of its charm or an inconvenience depending on what you need from a knife. If you’re looking for a knife that you carry every day and use once a week, the LionSpy might not be your knife. On the other hand, if traditional folding knives are just a little bit too small for you, Spyderco’s LionSpy is a great alternative.

Spyderco LionSpy G-10 Folded

Our Verdict

Some knives are small, light, and sit in your pocket without making a bump. The LionSpy, by design, is not one of them. This big knife will hack branches off of firewood, make a shower of sparks on a firesteel, or cut through anything you can think of without a problem.

It’s got a great grip so it’s easy to hold on to even in the rain, titanium inserts for durability, next-generation steel that resists chipping and sharpens up fast. If you’ve got big hands or just need a heavy duty knife that performs in all conditions, get yourself a Spyderco LionSpy.



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Spyderco Sage Carbon Fiber Plain Edge Review

Spyderco is known for making some of the highest quality knives available, using the best possible parts, and engineering them so that they work perfectly for a lifetime. Their Sage line was created as a tribute to innovative knifemakers, showcasing their work with a one of a kind knife. The Sage-1 celebrates Michael Walker’s liner lock system, allowing for one-handed operation and lightning fast opening with just a flick of the thumb.


  • The Sage 1 is 7 1/8” when open, 4 1/8” closed, and weighs in at 3.2 ounces
  • It has a 3” blade that is 1/8” thick and is made of CPF-S30V high carbon stainless steel
  • The extremely ergonomic carbon fiber woven handle is durable and comfortable
  • Reversible wire pocket clip, so the Sage 1 can be carried on either side
  • Full flat grind on the blade holds an edge well and is easy to sharpen

Spyderco Sage Carbon Fiber Plain Edge

The Good

One of the best features of this knife is the CPF-S30V steel, which has been called “the best material for making a blade on the market”. The Sage 1’s blade won’t chip or corrode, holds an edge incredibly well, and is easy to sharpen. The advantages of high-quality steel need to be balanced with the price, but if you’re looking for a durable, razor-sharp knife, CPF-S30V steel can’t be beat.

The Sage-1’s handle is incredible, ergonomic and lightweight, it’s been designed to fit well in your hand. The woven carbon fiber has an excellent texture, giving a smooth, satiny feel without being slippery. The handle itself is backed by a steel liner which lends even more durability and a reassuring feeling of solidness and weight.

As you might expect from a knife that’s actually been designed around a locking mechanism, the liner lock works flawlessly. The blade deploys really smoothly, snapping into place securely with a click, and is made for one handed operation. There is very little, if any, play in the knife blade after it’s been opened which makes the knife feel more like a fixed-blade when it’s in use.

Spyderco Sage Carbon Fiber Plain Edge Top

The Bad

The entire Sage line is assembled in Taiwan from parts made in the United States. Understandably, some people want to buy knives that are made in America, but if quality is your sole concern then you don’t have to worry. All reports so far have been that the Sage line is very well made.

The Sage-1’s Torx construction means that you might need a new screwdriver if you want to take the knife apart for cleaning. While Torx clearly has advantages, being nearly impossible to strip accidentally even when the screws are greasy or dirty, if your knife needs to be taken apart in a hurry you might find yourself without the proper tools close at hand.

Spyderco Sage Carbon Fiber Plain Edge Hand

Our Verdict

The Sage-1 is an excellent knife for everyday carry. The 3” blade with its non-serrated edge is versatile and just big enough to do what you need it to without adding a lot of extra weight. It’s durable enough for everyday use and can even take some punishment, thanks to the carbon fiber handle backed by steel.

It has an amazingly smooth action, flicking open fast and staying locked in place without any play in the blade at all. If you’re looking for a well-made knife that can stand up to anything you can throw at it, day after day, give the Sage-1 chance and you won’t be sorry.



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