CRKT Drifter Knife

CRKT Drifter Knife Review

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  • Features an build with stainless steel liners and a black stainless steel clip
  • 3-Inch Stainless steel blade
  • Razor sharp Titanium gray blade
  • Features an InterFrame build with stainless steel liners and a black stainless steel clip

If we are going to talk about quality, then we need to talk about CRKT and more specifically the CRKT Drifter. This brilliant every day carry knife will not only look great at your side but will also work really well. I was really impressed with this knife when I first got my hands on it because of how well it performed and felt in my hands. I have always been a fan of CRKT so I was sort of expecting a quality knife, but nothing quite this good. The knife comes in two models, a razor sharp edged one and a partially serrated one, making it perfect for all different types of tasks. Better yet, this knife is really affordable, costing you roughly $25 only.

CRKT Drifter Knife


CRKT Drifter Knife Closing MechanismThe blade on the CRKT drifter is really superb and keeps a razor sharp edge for a long time. Like I said before, this comes in two different models, a serrated edge version and a fine edge version, so it really depends on your needs. The knife features a relatively short blade coming in at only 2.75 inches long, making it perfect for delicate work, however not the best for bigger cutting tasks. The blade is made out of 8Cr14MoV quality steel which is why this blade is able to maintain such a razor sharp edge. Furthermore, the blade is super fine at only a tenth of an inch thick! Furthermore, this material is really nice quality and is not going to chip or break as easily as you would expect and really can take a fair beating. The blade is also coated with Titanium nitride in order to give it that extra layer of rust and corrosion resistance.

As this is a drop point style blade it means that the blade has a really strong and controllable point as well as a large belly for slicing. However, as this isn’t the sharpest point, it is not as good at piercing as a clip point styled blade, but I still feel the blade gets the job done.


CRKT Drifter Knife HandleLike many other folding knives out there the CRKT Drifter features a comfortable G-10 handle which allows you to get a really nice grip. This ensures that even under pressure you will still be able to maintain a tight hold on this bad boy. It also features a really strong and robust liner lock system which means that once the blade is open, it will stay in that position. This is great because with a few other knives you can be worried about whether or not it is going to buckle under pressure, but you really don’t have this worry with the liner lock.


CRKT Drifter Knife FoldedOverall, the CRKT Drifter knife is a really solid and reliable knife and perfect for anyone who is looking for a solid every day carry knife. You are going to get a fair bit of use out it and as it is relatively cheap ($25) you are not at a big loss if you lose it. I recommend going and grabbing yourself one of these beauty’s or even giving it to a family member as a gift, although just make sure they know how to use it (one unnamed member of my family has a habit of cutting himself on every knife he touches).


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