The Iconic Buck 119 Review

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  • 6
  • Solid Fixed Blade Knife Great for the Outdoors, Detail Work and Cutting in tight places. Weight, 7.5 oz
  • Black Phenolic Handle with Aluminum Pommel / Guard
  • Includes Genuine Leather Fitted Sheath for safe and secure transportation on your belt or in a bag
  • Buck Forever Warranty, Made in the USA

If you have searched around for a few hunting knives, chances are that you have come across the Buck 119. This is a legendary blade that has been used by many for years and has been one of Bucks top sellers for around the lazy 47 years! You really couldn’t ask yourself for a better hunting knife for the price and is one that I will always recommend to someone who is looking for a top quality blade.

The blade on the Buck 119 Special is 6 inches long making it the ideal length to carry on your side, whilst still being long enough to perform common hunting tasks. Furthermore, as this blade is made from the highest of quality steel (420HC stainless steel) it is going to be able to perform consistently well in all weather conditions be it snow, rain, or sunshine without ever breaking or cracking. The edge on this blade can be sharpened so sharp that you can literally shave with it (I actually tested this) and will maintain an edge for some time.

Buck 119 SheathThis blade has a really comfortable phenolic handle which allows you to maintain a tight grip whilst under pressure and when you are piercing or cutting in tight places. Furthermore, the polished aluminum butt also looks great and feels great in your hand as well, unlike some other fixed blades out there which can be a real nightmare to hold, and actually make your hand ache. The blade weighs roughly only 7.5 ounces meaning that it really isn’t that heavy and can comfortably be resting on your belt in its fitted custom black-leather sheath at your side.

Overall, the Buck 119 is an Iconic fixed blade hunting knife and one of the most popular ones out there at the moment. I highly recommend this to any hunter out there who wants a reliable knife that they can depend on, time and time again for good quality.


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