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If you have read any of my other posts on this site, you will know that we do a lot of folding knife reviews. This time, we are doing a comparison of the Gerber Evo vs the Paraframe. As these are knife “series” the two particular models we will focus on will be the Paraframe 1 and the Gerber Evo combo edge. Both of these folding knives are of exceptional quality (I have come to expect nothing less from Gerber) and are great every day carry knives that can suit a variety of purposes.

Gerber Paraframe

Gerber ParaframeThe paraframe is named because of its minimal design. It is labelled what is considered to be an “open frame knife” where the tang is still supported by a frame, however, some of the frame is hollowed out (as you can see above). The reason for this is that it allows it to be extremely light, taking away all the unnecessary weight that are often featured in other folding knives. The blade is 7.6cm and is partially serrated making it perfect for slicing as well as cutting/sawing through materials. This is an assisted opening blade, meaning you should have no problems opening this with one hand. Overall a great folding knife!

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Gerber Evo Combo Edge

Like the Gerber Paraframe, the Gerber Combo Edge is partially serrated, increasing its number of effective uses. However, unlike the paraframe, the evo features a Tanto shaped bladed coated in titanium nitride in order to protect it from corrosion and rust. This is also an assisted opening blade with a finger flip allowing you to easily open and close it with one hand. This is a long lasting blade of superior quality and should definitely be checked out.

Selling on Amazon for around $17.

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Overall, both the Gerber Evo series and the Paraframe series have great knives. But if I had to choose one it would be the Paraframe, primarily because it is extremely lightweight (not to mention how good it looks) and because the blade is slightly longer then that of the Evo. However as they are both similarly priced, I recommend you go try them out and get a feel for them to see which one you prefer.

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