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A knife that is designed for hunting it is called a hunting knife. Its design consists of only one edge sharpen that makes the skinning of an animal or the cutting of the meat much easier. The most popular Folding Hunting Knives would be a Buck Knife. They go back the farthest for hunting knives.

There are two different types of knives: the fixed or the folding blade ones. A fixed blade knife must be carried in a sheath so that you would not accidentally hurt yourself and you have to be really careful when handling it. Compared to the folding blade knives it is made only of fixed parts. A folding hunting knife has the blade inside the handle: for example, the butterfly knives that have two counter-rotating handle such that when closed the blade gets in the grooves from the handles.

Choosing a hunting knife that fits you may be rather daunting because first you will have to ask yourself some questions. What kind of hunter do you want to be, a professional one or a casual one? What do you want to hunt? How big do you want your game to be? After answering these questions you will be able to choose the right knife for you. The fixed blade ones are better suited for the professional hunters because it has more stability and is faster to use. The folding hunting knives may have many other uses like self-defense or opening a can, an envelope or cutting a fruit.

BenchMade Infidel

The butterfly knife is known to be a pocketknife because it is small and can fit in your pocket. It was invented by the Filipino and used as a self defense in 80AD. It is also known as ‘Bailsong’, a name originated in the Philippines. The use of this knife is illegal in many countries like Australia (where you need permission to use it), United Kingdom (where only antique ones are legal), Canada, Germany (where the punishment for having a butterfly knife is imprisonment), Philippines (where only 29cm butterfly knives are legal), the US (in only three states it is legal: New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia) or Hong Kong (where only the miniature ones are legal to use).

Some of the high-ranking companies that make quality butterfly knives are Buck, Case, Bocker, Schrade, Gerber and one of the top is also Benchmade. The Benchmade butterfly knives are the first made by this company. They are now made of non-traditional materials and with an ultra-modern laser cutter that makes the knife with the best quality that lasts many years. The knives are handmade for a better fit and they are not ‘just knives’. They are built for performance with high-quality materials.

If you want to buy butterfly knives you may want to go for the top companies and you could find many types of different designs on Amazon. You can find them from 11.95$ and 12.75$ with free shipping or 24.99$ with a 4.99$ shipping (a 9” black butterfly knife). More expensive knives can be found at from 300$ up to 1000$. Folding hunting knives are the most popular for gifts for young boys. It’s one of the first cool things they receive once they start to move up the latter.

The knife you have can make the difference when going for hunting and choosing the right one for you may be difficult and you have to take the time to think about what kind of knife fits you best. But it will be well worth the while.

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