Ready For Hunting Season? 4 Things To Check Before You Go

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For hunters, there is nothing as exciting as the approach of hunting season. The night before the season opens is like Christmas Eve. Hunters are brimming over with anticipation, eagerly awaiting the call of the wild. There are some crucial things that hunters need to do before they go out to the countryside. Here is a look at four things that you should check before you go hunting.

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Your License

It goes without saying that you need a license to legally hunt. Make sure that you know all the rules and regulations that are part of your hunting license. Don’t assume that the regulations are the same as they were last year. Ask about any new rules when you pick up your license, and be sure to read all of the fine print to avoid breaking the law.

Proper Clothing

Hunting can be a very uncomfortable proposition if you are not properly dressed. Make sure that you have all of your hunting clothing together before you head out for the first time this season. Make sure to dress in layers when you are hunting. This will allow you to remove or add clothing as the weather changes during the day. Remember that it is better to be too warm than too cold. Make sure that you have hunting boots that are warm enough to keep your feet comfortable as well.


Check Your Tires

If you are hunting in rough country, then you know that your tires are going to take a beating. Whether you are getting to the backcountry in your truck or an ATV, you need to check the tires before you head out. Any tire that looks worn should be replaced. Experts at suggest you inspect your tires for any recreational vehicle regularly to check for flats and leaks. There is nothing more frustrating than a bad tire interrupting your hunting trip.


A good pair of binoculars is essential for the successful hunter. Be sure to check your optics before you hit the hunting trail this year. Make sure that the lenses are clean. Bring along some cleaning clothes to use while you are on your hunting trip. Make sure to check the case for the binoculars as well.

If you follow these four tips, then you will be ready to have a successful hunting trip. If you are properly prepared, then you will have a good time and stay safe. Hunting is a blast when you are ready to enjoy it.

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