Hunting Season Is Here: 5 Must Have’s For Your Hunting Adventure

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There are many given necessities when hunting, such as appropriate firearms, rifle cleaning equipment, hunting ammo, blaze orange gear for safety, a dressing kit for any game that is taken and a first aid kit for potential accidents. But those are just some of the common basic necessities and do not address some more important issues, such as how to find your way back to camp if lost. Here is a list of some items that will help:

Mud Tires

Hunting for deer and many other types of game many times requires traveling down two track trails as well as gravel and unimproved roads to get to hunting camp. And if a deer or other large game has been harvested, getting to it with a four-wheel drive truck might require driving on muddy fields or other wet areas. Having mud tires to avoid being stuck can save a great deal of stress, and when mud tires don’t work, a winch can help pull out the truck.

Gloves and Hand Warmer

Weather can change rapidly during a hunt, and keeping hands warm is as important as keeping the feet warm. A good pair of gloves and some sort of hand warmer will help stave off numb fingers and make it easier to take an accurate shot when game is in the sights. Some hand warmers come in chemical packs that heat up when the compounds are mixed together and can slip inside of gloves. Others might have a slow-burning element that rests inside a fireproof case that can be held for warmth.

Firestarter kit

Basic survival requires fire, which also can double as a distress signal if done in threes. Having waterproof matches or a good firestarter kit with magnesium sticks and a metal striker can create fire, warmth and hope if lost in the woods on a cold evening.

Signal Mirror

Mirrors are one of the best ways to signal people from very far away, whether they are in an aircraft or approaching on land from several miles away. The reflection can be seen for miles and helps a great deal if there is a search for a lost hunter.


Not getting lost in the first place is the best way to stay safe, and having a compass and knowing how to use it to locate a specific point, such as a hunting camp, is one of the best ways to avoid getting lost.

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