Get the fly down with tungsten putty instead of lead shot

Category Fishing

There are plenty of environmental reasons to switch from lead shot when weighting your trout rig for nymph fishing. We like tungsten putty for a few reasons:

tungsten putty

  • It’s non toxic. Biting lead shot to crimp them on the line isn’t a great idea. Tungsten putty just presses on the line.
  • It’s non abrasive. Splitshot abrade your leader, tungsten putty doesn’t. Who likes losing fish to ratty line?
  • It’s easy to remove and reuse. Mash shot with pliers and it’s pretty much over. Just pull off tungsten putty and mash it back into the container. Repeat.
  • You’re never stuck with the weight you don’t need, or without the weight you do. Just add a little or remove a little until you find your sweet spot.

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