Top Ten Tips for RV Camping with the Family

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RV_Camper_at_North_Toledo_Bend_State_ParkThe atmosphere in a campground is very different from our mundane urban lives. The sound of birds and the smell of evergreen are simply refreshing. That and the chance of escape from stressful jobs or schoolwork for a day or two are great reasons to hold an RV camping weekend for you and your family.

To make your camping trip problem-free and fun, take note of the following suggestions.

1. Use plastic bags and containers to store food and valuables.

Organizing your camping supplies will make it easier to throw the garbage out and to retain some leftovers.

2. Prepare frozen food in advance. Heating up your meals is easier than going through the entire process of preparing the ingredients and cooking a dish.

This leaves you more time to enjoy the outdoors.

3. Plan your meals and choose foodstuffs to bring. Canned goods are your best friends for late night meals. Only bring packs of sweets and junk food to last a couple of days and not a couple of years.

4. When packing your stuff, put the heavier ones at the bottom and stack the lighter ones on top. The weightier canned goods in the lower cupboards won’t shift as much as the air-filled bags of potato chips stored in upper shelves or placed on the counter.

5. Don’t forget your cleaning supplies, such as dishwashing liquid, sponge, scrapers, and garbage bags. If you don’t want to wash dishes and cutlery, then try using paper plates and plastic utensils. Throw them into recycling bins after use.

6. This may be against other tips given out there, but one thing you should never scrimp on is your water supply. Our bodies need at least eight-ounce glasses or about 2 liters of drinking water.

Drinking water is more important than soda or fruit juices. A gallon of water may add some weight to your RV unit, but you can’t always rely on a campground’s water supply or buy small bottles of mineral water at every stop you make.

7. Always bring barbecue cooking equipment. An RV camping trip is not so much fun without a barbecue grill. Enjoy the scent and taste of cooked meat on top of red hot coals.

8. Use an enamel plate to warm the food over an open fire. Also, keep your equipment down to the basics, such as a coffee pot, a frying pan, and a small pot for soups.

However, if you install a solar power system in your vehicle, then you can probably bring a microwave oven. Solar power also helps when you need to charge your mobile, which is too important during emergencies for you to leave behind in an attempt to forget your work.

9. You don’t have to bring along your own supply of firewood. If you plan to stay at a campsite, then the area should have enough dried wood and leaves for kindling. It’s also possible that the campsite office would have chopped wood for sale.

10. Plan your pit stops to replenish your supplies and to rest from long trips. Planning keeps your trip on schedule without the manic rush from point A to point B. A camping trip over the weekend is supposed to be fun and relaxing.

These are simple suggestions that will make your RV camping trip manageable when you have kids along for the ride. This list applies as well to groups of friends out on a Back-to-Nature trip in an RV unit.

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