5 Tips And Hints For The Perfect Camping Trip

Camping is certainly a great way to relax and to let off some steam after a stressful week at work. If you are fond of a good-old fashioned camping trip and you want to make sure that everything goes according to plan, then the following tips and hints will help you enjoy a safe, exciting and comfortable camping experience:

1. Set Up The Camp Before Dark

First and foremost, it is important to decide on the most suitable place where you can install your tent. This basically depends on how much time you plan to spend there – you can find thousands of campsites, state and national parks where you can relax without anybody bothering you.

If you want to enjoy extra comfort, then opt for places where amenities are provided as well, like showers or grills for a delicious barbecue. One thing is for sure, though: you must set up the tent and everything else before it gets dark. Find a spot close to a reliable water source where you can shower and wash the dishes.

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5 Lightweight Backpacking Tents Every Camper Should Consider

Going for an outdoor venture is a great way to spend your leisure time. For you to have a great time, you need to pack wisely and the most important thing to pack is a good tent. Finding a good tent for that weekend vacation or holiday can prove to be challenging or tiresome with all the false advertising out there. You need to carefully pick out the best backpacking tent putting into consideration a number of factors. These factors include the type of climate, weight, ease of set-up, space, and cost among others. A good tent needs to be well built, stable, worth its price and lightweight. For those who travel light, below is a list of carefully chosen backpacking tents that will help you make the most out of your outdoor voyage:

1. Sierra Designs Lightning HT 3-Person Ultra-light Tent

The Sierra Designs Lightning HT 3-Person Tent is a lightweight tent that offers enough space to comfortably hold 3 people. The tent is spacious with an internal area of 40 square feet. In addition to this, it also has 2 vestibules for easier entry and exit as well as a color-coded D-door. The vestibules provide room for extension allowing even more internal space.

It also features PVC-free seam tape as well as a super seal floor for added durability. The tent is very easy to assemble due to its ultra-light but strong clips. For those camping in rainy areas, the tent’s floor comes with 70D nylon body material that provides waterproof properties up to 3000 mm. The tent has mesh walls that allow star gazing during the night and offer increased airflow inside the tent. Ventilation inside the tent ensures that your tent does not get stuffy and condensation does not occur. Built with state of the art DAC swivel hub poles, the tent is more than able to withstand high winds when camping. Weighing only 5.1 pounds, this is a lightweight tent that every camper travelling light must consider.

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2. Eureka Solitaire 3-Season Tent

Eureka Solitaire 3-Season TentThe Eureka Solitaire tent is a great and inexpensive tent to travel light with. The tent is extremely easy to assemble and covers 21 sq. feet of interior space. Priced at only 90 dollars, this solo tent ensures that you not only have adequate space inside your tent for your sleeping bag but also room for your camping equipment. The tent is extremely lightweight at only 2.9 pounds and small allowing camping over long distances.

Campers will also appreciate its 70D nylon taffeta material that ensures water resistance up to 1200 mm. Built with durable fiberglass of 6.3 mm thickness and full panel mesh windows, the Eureka Solitaire was designed for serious campers. To top it off, it comes with a zipper on the roof for easier exit and entry.

Other notable features include its large mesh roof for improved ventilation and a two hoop bivy-style that gives the tent its natural standing posture.

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Hot Ham & Cheese on the Grill

When heading out camping for the weekend I look for easy but tasty meals to bring along. I love when I can do most of the prep work at home, like with my newest attempt!


  • Loaf of Italian Bread
  • 6 Cheese Slices
  • 18 Ham Slices
  • Butter


Step 1) Cut Italian Bread into 12 slices but don’t cut all the way through.

Step 2) Butter every other slice of bread

Step 3) Fold a piece of cheese in half and put between every two slices

Step 4) Place ham between cheese slices. We used three slices in each sandwich and it was proportioned well.

Step 5) Wrap in Foil

Step 6) Place over open fire for about 20 – 30 minutes and turn about halfway through.

We got 6 sandwiches out of this!

Grill Multiple Hot Dogs with a Rake

Hot dogs are a favorite around a campfire. When you have a big family or groups of friends that join you on an outing it can become a long process of cooking up all of them hot dogs. Save some time and cook several at once with a rake! I tried it out this past weekend and it worked out pretty well. I bought an extendable rake which made it pretty easy to store and cook with. The rake can get a bit heavy so you can try propping it up on the fire pit grate if needed.

The next time you have a group craving hot dogs over an open fire, give a rake a try!


This campfire recipe is a tasty one that can be tweaked and added to for a new twist each time. The Frito-Bean-Rito is one of my newest favorite things to whip up and it so simple!


  • Tortillas
  • Can of Refried Beans
  • Shredded Cheese
  • Chili Cheese Fritos
  • Foil – torn into squares


Step 1) Place tortilla on foil

Step 2) Spread on refried beans

Step 3) Layer on Chili Cheese Fritos and Shredded Cheese

Step 4) Roll tortilla up in burrito shape and wrap in the foil

Toss them in the cooler and throw them on the campfire when you get hungry. Leave them on the first for about 15 minutes, turning them occasionally so one side of the tortilla doesn’t harden. You can also freeze these ahead of time and let them defrost in the cooler at the campground.


Quick and Easy Tips in Selecting Camping Backpacks

camping-backpackEvery camping trip always begins with packing up your bags with clothes and other essential stuff you would need while you’re spending the weekend in the wilderness.

Unlike in a brief vacation or business trip, a camping trip calls for the use of tougher and bulkier camping backpacks.

These bags are specially designed to withstand the effects of rough handling and the harsh elements. Plus, you’ll have more space and better security for the things you’ll need to eat, sleep, drink and be clean at camp.

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Camping Comfortably with RV Campers

recreational-vehicle-270061_640Exploring natural environment by camping is an amazing adventure to do with the family.

Camping is a popular vacation option enjoyed by millions of families each year.
During summer or good weather months, families try to organize camping trips to relax after so many months of studying or doing hard work.

If you missed that stage then it’s about time that you pass this tradition to your kids and learn what they missed.

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Practical Tips for a Camping Trip

17627-campfire-flames-pvMany of us enjoy getting away from it all. Pitching a tent in the woods or on a campground next to a roaring fire ready for roasting our dinner on a stick sounds perfect at times.

If you ever dreamed of spending nights under starry skies and surrounded by the sounds of birds and other wildlife, then you have got to go camping! There are some things to keep in mind, though. Read on for some practical tips for your first camping trip.

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Top Ten Tips for RV Camping with the Family

RV_Camper_at_North_Toledo_Bend_State_ParkThe atmosphere in a campground is very different from our mundane urban lives. The sound of birds and the smell of evergreen are simply refreshing. That and the chance of escape from stressful jobs or schoolwork for a day or two are great reasons to hold an RV camping weekend for you and your family.

To make your camping trip problem-free and fun, take note of the following suggestions.

1. Use plastic bags and containers to store food and valuables.

Organizing your camping supplies will make it easier to throw the garbage out and to retain some leftovers.

2. Prepare frozen food in advance. Heating up your meals is easier than going through the entire process of preparing the ingredients and cooking a dish.

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7 Tips to Find the Perfect Campsite on a Campground

“Perfect.” This level of excellence can be illustrated in several ways. Five-out-of-five stars. A 10-out-of-10 score. Gold leaf awards. Regardless of what is being graded or assessed, “perfect” may not just indicate the best of the best, but also the best for us. When you go camping, you want to have the perfect backpack, sleeping bag, tent, and other gear. The icing on the cake is choosing the right campsite. Does it matter which campsite you choose on a campground? The following 7 tips should help!

1. Location, location. Whether you need to set up your RV or a tent, finding a level campsite will help you to sleep as though you were in Amish Country Ohio Lodging. In addition, it is wise to avoid campsites that are located at the corners of campground roads. Vehicles that drive by with their headlines on could cause a rude awakening for you and your fellow campers.

2. To be shaded or not to be shaded. Some campers prefer campsites with less shade, as there tend to be fewer flying critters there. However, the problem with such sites is that the heat from the sun can be almost unbearable!

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