7 Tips to Find the Perfect Campsite on a Campground

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“Perfect.” This level of excellence can be illustrated in several ways. Five-out-of-five stars. A 10-out-of-10 score. Gold leaf awards. Regardless of what is being graded or assessed, “perfect” may not just indicate the best of the best, but also the best for us. When you go camping, you want to have the perfect backpack, sleeping bag, tent, and other gear. The icing on the cake is choosing the right campsite. Does it matter which campsite you choose on a campground? The following 7 tips should help!

1. Location, location. Whether you need to set up your RV or a tent, finding a level campsite will help you to sleep as though you were in Amish Country Ohio Lodging. In addition, it is wise to avoid campsites that are located at the corners of campground roads. Vehicles that drive by with their headlines on could cause a rude awakening for you and your fellow campers.

2. To be shaded or not to be shaded. Some campers prefer campsites with less shade, as there tend to be fewer flying critters there. However, the problem with such sites is that the heat from the sun can be almost unbearable!

3. Not-too-close dumpsters. One of the most important things to consider and learn about when choosing a campsite, is where there dumpster is. Like the restroom and bathroom facilities, the key is to find a campsite that is close to the dumpster, but not too close! Dealing with the smell of dumpsters and the animals they attract, can make you wish you had stayed in an Amish Country Inn Berlin Ohio!

4. Size matters. Make sure the campsite is large enough to accommodate your vehicle and tent. This sounds simple, but it is sometimes not as easy as parking in front of Amish Country Ohio Lodging. If you have a sub-compact car and a small tent, the size of the campsite will probably not be a problem. However, if your vehicle is lengthy or you are setting up a family tent, the size of the campsite could certainly become an issue.

5. Using and Losing H20. Make sure to consider two important water issues when choosing a campsite. Learn if a water supply exists near the campsite. Wells, lakes, rivers, sprints, etc. can make your life easier. In you are uncertain about the water’s purity in the region then use your Coleman water bottle with filter. On the other hand, you should also find a campsite that will have outstanding drainage in wet weather.

6. Layout of the land. You should consider many factors related to the layout of a campsite. Consider if it is large enough for you and your fellow campers. Next, consider locations where you can prepare and eat meals, enjoy certain activities such as volleyball, and create a campfire.

7. Faraway facilities? You should also learn how far away the restroom and bathing are from the campsite. While camping cannot be as luxurious as staying at a Four Seasons, if those two facilities are relatively nearby, it can make your life easier. The key is to be close to the facilities that you will not have to walk as far as you did during your day hike. In addition to restroom and bathing facilities, learn where recreational facilities (i.e. playground, pool, etc.) are located.

Finding an ideal campsite is easier than you might expect. By following some basic guidelines, you can find one that will make your stay much more enjoyable!

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