Slick Trick 100 Grain Broadhead Review

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Slick Trick 100 Grain Broadhead





  • Weight: 100 Grain
  • .035 SS Lutz Blades
  • Super steel ferrule
  • Alcatraz bladelock system
  • Total cutting diameter 1" + 1" = 2"

A pack of four Slick Trick 100 grain broadheads costs about thirty-five dollars, and for the price, the Slick Trick broadhead is definitely worth it. The slick Trick broadhead definitely has its downsides, but the things I enjoyed about this broadhead outweighed everything.

These broadheads were extremely easy to assemble, though there wasn’t a tool to help get them together. When shot for the first time, it flies straight through without needing any additional tuning. However, the profile of the broadheads may take a while to get used to. The blades weren’t their sharpest, and the threaded part that goes into the arrow seemed weak.

As far as hunting goes, the Slick Trick 100 grain broadhead did a wonderful job with internal damage, and the sharpness of the arrow did not leave anything to be desired. Since this is the first set to come out, the broadheads can only become better, without a doubt. If you are on a budget, these broadheads will really work well.

For only thirty-five dollars it is not quite possible to really receive grade ‘A’ arrows. Besides the worry of getting cut, the assembly was simple and efficient. A tool was not exactly needed, but it would have made things extremely easier.

Shooting the Slick Trick broadheads were quick and easy and could possibly be used in countless competitions. There have been better, such as Muzzy 100 grain broadheads, which have deep penetrating and ultra rotating technology. Of course, Muzzy has been in business for many years, so it is more experienced than the Slick Trick broadhead. The Slick Trick broadhead can’t really compete, but within time, it may. The Slick Trick broadhead can become stronger, faster and sharper. They will do more damage and have an easy aiming system.


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