Genji Sports Self Expanded Screen Tent Review

Genji Sports Self Expanded Screen Tent  For the cost-conscious camper looking for an inexpensive, quality camping product, the Genji Sports Self Expanded Screen Tent is worth considering for your next expedition. Lightweight and easy to manage, the Genji is a great option for campers looking for a reliable but cheap option for a tent for 1-3 people. The recession and persistent tough economic conditions have made it tougher for many of us to enjoy our favourite outdoor activities. These days, if you want to camp, you have to find ways to cut costs as many cash-strapped parks and campgrounds have raised fees. One way you can make camping more affordable is by finding less expensive camping gear. Less expensive does not have to mean lower quality, however.

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Ryobi RY34420 String Trimmer Review

The Ryobi RY34420 String Trimmer undeniably is an impressive yard equipment tool. This ingenious, and innovative 4-Cycle trimmer has a powerful, and forcible low emission engine, yet what consumers will appreciate most is its convenience, comfortable grip, and minimal upkeep.
The Ryobi RY34420 String Trimmer embodies the features of substantial power, a curved shaft, and is lightweight. The Ryobi RY34420 String Trimmer comes complete with two string heads that are fixed and bump-feed, and the 18-inch cut width assists in etching, cropping, and tackling large areas.

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Best Pocket Knives Made in USA

US made tools have gotten an impression of durability. This has made people seek US made brands especially when it comes to tools. But aside from the given fact that the tools made in US like pocket knives have impressive durability and standards, there are ones that really steps out from the pool and excels. So if you are looking for pocket knives for all your emergency cutting and slicing needs, here are the best pocket knives made in the USA.

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Six Tent Camping Tips

17627-campfire-flames-pv1) The first thing is identifying a good camp site; information from the internet could be useful since reviews and even ratings can be found online and you can choose the best one from the user review. Maps also can be used to look for established camping sites on a place well known beforehand or by friends. It is advisable to get useful information about the intended camp site with regard to things like sanitation, terrain, whether groups of people can camp together or even whether pets are allowed.

2) Another good tent camping tip is to get a good tent. A good tent should have an inbuilt sheet underneath it that prevents insects and cold from getting in the tent. An additional ground sheet can be purchased. The tent should be spacious enough for the number of people using it and it should also have additional space for storage. A window is necessary for good ventilation in your camping tent.

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Enjoying the Full Benefits of Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent

Coleman Instant Cabin Tent Are you hitting the jungles anytime soon? Are you preparing for a hike or expedition that’s going to take more than a day? Well, human nature requires that we offload the pressures of life by taking a time off to stay in tune with what nature has to offer. Until you take a moment off the hassles and bustles of the city life, you won’t realize just how much you’ve been missing. In fact, doctors now say that this kind of break is very necessary if you want to stay healthy.

Coleman Instant Cabin Tent Outdoors
Family camping

However, with every trip in the bush, there’s need to have good shelter at the end of the day. You’ll need to protect yourself from the hash weather conditions, roaming animals of the night, and perhaps, save yourself from the cold. Other than the comfort that a hiking tent can come with, it’s very necessary that you choose a tent that’s light in weight and easy to carry. We are talking of ease with which you can put it in a backpack and carry it without any difficulty.

Small tents can carry up to 2 people at a time. However, larger ones accommodate as many people, say 6, 8, 10 etc. In line with that, we’re reviewing the Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent, which has proved to bring convenience in whatever place you choose to hike at. This tent will save you from expensive hotel or lodge accommodation, and is as comfortable as sleeping in a hotel room.

Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent

For your next hiking or camping adventure, take a moment to consider what it would be like to get to camp, pop open your tent in under one minute, and have your tent ready to go for up to six people. Once your tent is put together we all know that we can then go about preparing food and relaxing from the day’s events.

The Coleman 6 Person Tent is one designed to be lightweight, easy to transport, and very easy to set up. Forget about losing parts or messing with fold up rods. The Coleman 6 person tent comes with everything already put together, so all you have to do is stretch it out, extend the poles, and lock it into place. It can be done in thirty seconds.

To know what this tent is capable of doing and what it cannot do, it’s only fair that we review its features. We definitely know that it’s going to make the ideal choice of tent you’ve always been looking for in your camping expeditions.

Features and Specifications:

  • Coleman Instant Cabin Tent UnpackingIt can only accommodate up to a maximum of 6 people, so if your group comprises of over 6 people, then it won’t be able to accommodate all of you, unless you look for a bigger tent, still by Coleman Instant Tent.
  • This tent is one of the easiest to assemble, why? Because poles come pre-attached to the tent, which ensures that you save time when setting it up. This also eliminates the risk of losing parts. It is as simple as unfolding the tent, spreading out the fabric, extending poles as needed, clicking and locking. That’s it!
  • It measures 10X9 foot to fit up to 6 individuals. The floorspace is just big enough to accommodate up to 2 queen air mattresses. It also has a 6-foot center height. In short, space is not a constraint inside this tent, as long as you are not more than 6. And because of the 6-foot height, it will accommodate just about any height irrespective of how tall or short one is.
  • And during rainy seasons, you will always stay dry and comfortable with the high-tech features of the Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent. It comes with a feature called WeatherTech system, with a series of features that work together to enhance your comfort during one of those bad days. When you’re dry and comfortable in the bush, you tend to sleep better till the next day. This is the only way to enjoy your hiking experience, isn’t it?
  • Lastly, we also loved the fact that this tent comes with a limited one-year warranty to cover you, just in case something goes wrong with your tent before that period elapses. However, it’s very rare for customers to experience such cases since Coleman tents are generally strong and durable. They have been proven to last as long as the manufacturer has stated.

On the inside of the tent, the dimensions on the floor are nine feet by ten feet, and the ceiling height in the middle of the tent is six feet. An amazing space which can fit two twin sized air mattresses, or even up to six people in sleeping bags and mats. The rods insert into the ground and the entire thing locks into place with ease.

The Weathertec technology and structure and design of the tent are created specifically for rainy conditions and this feature will keep you dry in windy and rainy situations. For those hot summer situations, the tent comes equipped with screens on the side to allow free air flow throughout the tent, and you will benefit from any breezes or wind on a hot summer day or night in the tent.

This six person tent is ideal for any type of camping situation where one man carries the tent, and others carry other important gear. When hiking or camping, this is an ideal tent for smaller groups of hikers to find comfort and shelter in cold or rainy situations. It also keeps pests and bugs from attacking you at night. It will keep other snakes and rodents out of your tent as well due to the well-designed zipper mechanism.

Feel comfortable and at ease in this wonderful tent for all camping and hiking, and outdoors fun. Everything is built in and attached already to the tent, so you don’t have to mess around with loose parts, and worry about losing any parts to the tent. It is all right there, ready to go, whenever you are ready to set it up.

Camping should be fun, and this tent makes it a lot easier to set up camp. Then you can have time for the most enjoyable aspects of camping, such as building a fire, enjoying a few drinks, eating, and socializing with your fellow campers. If you prefer to wait until right before you get ready to go to sleep to build your tent, then you have that option. You can simply snap it all together, lock it, and tie it down all in under one minute. Then you are ready to sleep in comfort.


Why the Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent is a good choice for camping

  • Coleman Instant Cabin Tent Inside
    Lots of space

    This is literally a home-away from home, so expect to have shelter that’s equivalent to the one you get at home. We also looked the interior of the tent, and it was just amazing.

  • The tent is weather-proof, thanks to the WeatherTech systems which consists of inter-working features that resist even the heaviest rain.
  • It has windows, strategically placed to let sufficient light inside the tent. The windows also lets you see what’s happening outside. It’s just a home that’s away from home. No need to worry.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty which guarantees cost-free service when things go wrong. This is one of the longest warranties you can find on a tent.
  • It’s easy to set up because it comes with pre-attached poles, which also eliminates chances of losing important parts.
  • The tent is also very portable as far as hiking is concerned. It is for this purpose that it was manufactured–to walk around with. The material it is made of is also generally light in weight, which contributes to its potability as well.
  • Finally, the price is fair compared to other tents that accommodate the same number of people. This is very important for hikers who are on budget. Why go for an expensive model when Coleman tents offer the same comfort and style at a much cheaper rate? It beats logic, right?

From the look of things, it seems Coleman tents are one of the most-preferred tents among hikers across the world. This tent we are reviewing is the ideal tent for hikers, provided the group is not made of more than 6. The features look promising, and the capabilities are robust.

Customer reviews

There’s enough evidence to state that this tent is the most preferred among people who go for camping expeditions. Currently (as of September 6, 2016), it has more than 1,123 reviews, with an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars. This is the highest ratings we’ve ever seen on a tent selling on Amazon. The majority of the reviews talk about the ease with which they could set the tent up, the comfort level, camping abilities and so forth.

”This tent was marketed as the only tent you could set up in just 60 seconds. It sounded ridiculous, but it was true. I was amazed…and it took only 5 minutes to pack it up.” (Source from Amazon customer reviews)

However, a few customers still expressed their disappointment, which is why the Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent couldn’t hit the 5 star mark. They said it was so easy, though not perfect. Others said is wasn’t as strong as they’d expected.


Check Price and Read the Reviews on Amazon

Our opinion

It might look like we’re overly promoting the Coleman Instant Tent 6 Person with only selfish motives. But the truth is, if the features stated above are anything to go by, then it’s very likely that the tent is above standard. We wouldn’t waste time writing such a long review on something that wasn’t true. Again we emphasize on giving genuine information concerning Coleman tents.


If you really love hiking and you’re always concerned with where and how you’re going to sleep, then Coleman Instant Tent 6 Person is just for you. They come in a variety of sizes to accommodate just about any number of people(though the one we’re reviewing accommodates up to 6 people). Again the price is just fair compared to what you get in terms of features. It’s currently available on Amazon as new and used, so depending on what you can afford, you can always go for any one of the two.

Deer Hunting Tips and Tricks

White-tailed deerResponsible hunting and game management, as well as wildlife conservation, are important aspects of any game hunting. But many find deer hunting to be the most rewarding. Here are some ideas and tips to make that hunting trip a success.

What makes a deer tick (and I don’t mean the biting kind either!)

Deer are known for being at their most active in the dusk and dawn hours, and often sleep during the middle of day and night. It makes sense since most predators are also less active during these times, giving the deer a chance to rest.

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What is the Best Knife Sharpener for a Folding Knife?

In more ways than one, you need a knife sharpener to keep your folding knife in tip top shape. The blade of your knife needs to be at its best so that you will be able to use your knife in the event of an emergency.

Keeping a sharp knife applies to all kinds of knife – whether you are using a kitchen knife, a tactical knife or an all-around multi-purpose knife. For folding knives, you need to find the ideal knife sharpener so you can keep this kind of knife in optimum shape. So what is the best knife sharpener for a folding knife? There are so many kinds of sharpeners in the market but how do you know that you are buying the most suitable one?

There are manual knife sharpeners, manual sharpeners, manual pull through sharpeners and electric knife sharpeners. You should consider the advantages and the disadvantages of each so you will be able to keep your folding knife in the best possible shape.

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Zero Tolerance G10 Handle Review

Zero Tolerance G10

Zero Tolerance is known for straightforward pocket knives that work best all the time. There are no unnecessary parts and frills just a simple blade and handle assembly that work best when you want it to be. The G10 is a pocket knife that does more than cutting and splicing. It has features and advantages that you may be looking for in a practical pocket knife. This is a Zero Tolerance G10 handle review that may help you decide on which knife you may need to buy.

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Starting A Fire With A Battery And Gum Wrapper

Did you know you can quickly start a fire from salvaging your flashlight and a chewing gum wrapper?

Even if you forgot the lighter at the house you’re still in luck. In this short 45 second video below you’ll learn a very practical way to turn what could be a bad camping trip into a lifesaving survival story.

All you need is…

  1. 1 Battery
  2. 1 Gum Wrapper

This method is very creative and anybody can do it. The trick is being able to quickly light the tender as soon as the gum wrapper takes flame. Give it a shot next time you’re out in the woods.

Now watch the video below to see it for yourself…

Barnett Quad 400 Crossbow Review

Barnett Quad 400 Made by Barnett, a leading quality crossbow manufacturer for the last 5 decades, the Barnett Quad 400 Crossbow is a direct upgrade from its previous predecessor the Barnett Quad 300. The Quad 400 takes a stronger design, is much lighter and faster as well. As a matter of fact, this crossbow is one of the fastest crossbows in the market and can fire bolts at an amazing speed of 345 feet per second. Barnett’s goal is to provide top of the line crossbows to help enhance a hunter’s performance.

The Barnett Quad 400 Crossbow is a new and improved model of the former crossbow designed with some key features for better performance.

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